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Older!Sub!-Harry x Younger!Dom!-Female Harem (Impregnation)

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Title: Untitled

POST: Please post here and on Archive of Our Own

Pairings: Dominant Female Harem/Harry Potter

Summary: In 2023, the British Magical population has sharply declined, which causes the fear that the ambient magic produced by witches and wizards of Britain won’t be enough and the populace will be exposed to muggles when their wards fail.  Minister Hermione Granger subtly encourages the populace to conceive more children. Eligible bachelor and widower, Harry James Potter (Ginny died giving birth to Albus Severus Potter), has always been oddly celibate over the years, but not out of lack of sexual desire. Hermione’s oldest daughter, Rose, overhears a conversation between her parents,  her Uncle Harry is submissive. He only got off when Ginny used him to impregnate herself. Rose, the very definition of an independent and powerful woman in a generation of independent and powerful women, has a wicked idea. The declining population is an issue, but so is her generation of women’s independence and power – a submissive Harry Potter is the perfect individual for her and her friends to develop a contract with which would allow them to be single and have children. A contract is developed and a breeder-and-house-husband is born.

Female Harem:  Rose Weasley-Granger, Roxanne Weasley, Molly Weasley II, Lucy Weasley, Victoire Weasley, Dominique Weasley, Lily Luna Potter (?), OFC Malfoy, Luna Lovegood, Flora Carrow, Hestia Carrow, Astoria Greengrass, OFC Selwyn, OFC Thomas, OFC McLaggen, OFC Prewett, OFC Longbottom, OFC Crouch,  Delphini Riddle, OFC Pucey, OFC Davies, OFC Flint, OFC Zabini, OFC Finnegan, OFC MCDougal, OFC McKinnon, OFC  Farley, OFC Li, OFC Patil, OFC Creevey, OFC Rogers...etc.

Required Content: Fertile Harry Potter, Cum Inflation, Cum Stuffing, Explicit Sexual Content (Harry is not a Pillow Princess – he participates), Girls Riding Harry (Common Occurance), Harry doesn’t pursue the girls (they pursue him), Magical Sexual Toys, Breeding Kink (Harry), Pregnancy Kink (Harry), Harry produces an inhuman amount of Cum, Explicit Pregnancies, Very Graphic Sex, NO RAPE, NO Aphrodisiacs, Horny-Horny Harry, Dirty Talk (“Merlin, you take me so well.” “I’m going to fucking fill you until you are dripping my cum out of...”), Fertility Spells, Cum Bellies…

Suggested Content: (Not Required)  Incest, Pregnant Incest (“Now I see why mum loved being pregnant and conceiving with you,” – Lily Luna?), Animagus-Bestiality, Pregnant Animagus-Bestiality, Sex Toys to Make girls look Pregnant, Practice Playing House,  Hermione, her Generation, and older generations later join in (?)

CHALLENGER’S NOTE: I actually prefer gay stories – if someone is willing, I’d love to read a  Submissive!Older!-Harry x Younger!Dominant!-Male Harem Story version of this story (Featuring Teddy Lupin in place of Rose), or a Mixed Gender Harem with both Younger!Dominant!-Men (MPreg) and Younger!Dominant!-Women (Pregnancy)

PLEASE POST the LINK to the completed STORY here!

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