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Please Help Need the Name (its driving me crazy if you need more quotes please tell me)

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naruto 'tortures' kin tsuchi sexually here are some paragraphs please help me find it its driving me nuts. she will drown in a clear bucket with her own juices while upside down and her head is inside the bucket 


Naruto ignored her blathering, simply looking her up and down, as if she was particularly ripe fruit.

"now how shall i kill you?" he muttered loud enough for her to hear. "perhaps drowning... that's fairly terrifying one from my experience with other prisoners."

The sound kunoichi looked up at him, though he knew she couldn't see him. Her eyes look terrified, and yet defiant. He pursed his lips. she'd learn that was a mistake quickly. naruto held up a tiger seal and focused his chakra. the seals on her nipples tinged red for a moment, and Kin's eyes widened and her body jerked for a moment. The seals were stimulating her tits... it felt like a very light flicking across her nipples.

"Those seals are an invention of mine," Naruto drawled. Kin glanced up at the direction of his voice, wincing from the light pricks of pleasure radiating off her chest. "ingenious really. You see, they can provide hundreds of different kinds of stimulation, all without damaging the body. i can make you feel like your tits are on fire, or i can pleasure them like they are being flicked. Or even," he started, holding up a boar seal. Kin gasped, a low groan escaping her throat as the pleasure increased considerably. "Make the feel like tongues, bathing your nipples."

they have sex, he breaks her, she becomes addicted to him an a slave, skip to next paragraphs...

They went to a nearby room, this one brightly, lit. In the middle of it was a small transparent bucket, and above that from the ceiling hung some kind of harness.

"Do you know what this is slut?" she looked at him earnestly before shaking her head. "This is how you will die, should i ever feel the desire." He saw the emotion finally reached her face as she glanced back fearfully to the odd and seemingly harmless objects.

"If you get me too angry, you will end up in this room. Once I bring someone to this room to die, they have never left it alive." He motioned to the harness. "Should that ever happen, you will hang from your ankles up here, with these seals upon your sensitive areas, only time, no restrictions on your orgasms  You, being one of the wettest squirters I've ever heard of, will cum over and over. The Juice will flow down your body, across your face and hair, perhaps up your nose, but finally into this bucket where your head will be."

"Once you have produced enough fluid, you will drown yourself i  your own cum. It will be slow, terrifying, and the whole time you'll be orgasming over and over. To avoid do whatever I say immediately after I say it. You have three chances. Not for the next few months, not until you know better. You have three mistakes you are allowed for the rest of your life. On the third, your life will end. Don't hesitate."

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