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Guest King Bobarino

Hi i’m looking for a story that im fairy sure was on this site but it could have been on another

It starts off with Hinata talking to Sakura about her sex life with her husband Naruto and getting embarrassed because she can’t get him off,  Hinata says that she and Naruto had to share a sleeping bag on a mission and saying she felt how big he was even though he wan’t hard and Sakura thinking that she should have taken Naruto up on his offers of going out when they were younger

HInata goes home only to find Naruto having sex with her sister (I think it might be an OC not Hinata and they may be twins), Naruto says that he hates her but can’t stop himself from coming back to fuck her

After they finish Hinata’s sister comes out to find Hinata who was crying and gets HInata to say thank you to her because she has a Cuckqueen fetish

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