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Guest Billy Hawes

Beverly Hills Teens

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Guest Billy Hawes

If anybody is up for a real challenge, I recommend a fic of Beverly Hills Teens.

Many of you may not remember it, but it has a colorful cast of hot young girls and guys. Something like that is certainly worth being done up for adult fiction :D

Here are some important rules to follow:

1, Recommended characters are Larke Tanner, Bianca Dupree, Troy Jeffries, Shanelle Spencer, Jett, Nikki Darling, Blaze Summers, Gig, Radley, Tara Belle, Wiltshire Brentwood, Pierce Thorndyke III, and FiFi. Chester McTech and Jillian Thorndyke are not recommended.

2, Shipping Troy with Larke is fine unless you prefer either of them with someone else (Examples: Larke with Radley, Troy with Shanelle).

3, Nudity, Sex, BDSM, and Catfighting are okay. No heavy violence and/or Killing, please.

4, No extreme torture when using the BDSM plot (Tickling okay).

5, Only type of Gag aloud is Sticky Tape ranging from left side of jaw to right, as opposed to wrapping around the head (The girl probably have big hair and/or big earrings).

6, No M/M parings. F/F are welcome.

7, Be sure that Troy’s penis is at least as big as a sword-handle when not erect, while Pierce’s is just as small as a cocktail wiener. This could be a good reason why the canon has the girls all falling for the former instead of the latter.

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