Old Harry Potter x Transformer Crossover - Slash? Gen?

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So, the story involves Harry being betrayed by the Weasley family. Harry escapes Britain only to be abducted by Sector 7 and experimented on. He becomes an immortal Cyborg and eventually breaks out of Sector 7, setting himself up as the Hot neighbor of the Witwicky family to protect them. Harry or I think James Black (?) owns a famous customization and auto-shop, which celebrities line up to have their cars worked on. In secret he owns several tech businesses and creates a Artificial Intelligence, which he donates to the government in the first movie. There’s also something like a neuro-link chair which he created for himself. It’s an older story – anywhere between 2006 and 2013. It was posted on fanfiction.net and now I can’t find it.   

Please help? 

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