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D-reapers broodmothers

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Guest Father goose

The d-reaper returns intent on regaining its lost power and revenge against the Tamar's. It's found by rika and renamon who biomerge to sakyuamon, they end up getting trapped by the d-reaper who locks them in biomerge. Stripping the mega digimon of clothing it proceeds to modify her body and mind for its needs,once the modifications are finished sakyuamon’s body becomes very sensitive and fertile. The d-reaper impregnates sakyuamon who's happy to receive after the mental alteration, once impregnated the mega digimons belly starts growing with d-reaper digieggs. 

The d-reaper has sakyuamon bring Henry and terriermon to change them as well. Once both human and digimon arrived the fell into a digital gate to a dimension the d-reaper created. The two biomerge to fight the d-reaper, only for its offspring it had with sakyuamon district megagargomon letting the d-reaper begin modifying them. During the modification process the D-reaper changed megagargomon into a female digimon with big breasts and huge ass supported by broodmother hips. 

 Takato And guilmon were received a “distress call" from sakuyamon needing gallentmons help,. Both human and digimon merge into gallentmon to rescue his friends only to fall into the d-reapers trap, then is turned female as well being made extra sensitive by the d-reaper as revenge. 

The now three female digimon are used by the d-reaper to restore it's power and breed an army.

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