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Total Drama Phantom


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Danny Phantom remains Canon until the Gregor episode where he really is what he claims resulting in Sam and Tucker basically dumping Danny as a friend to hang with him instead. The rest of DP- with the exception of Phantom Planet- happens just with Danny having to do it all alone. When he’s sixteen ghost attacks have hit a low point and he’s bored, lonely, and kind of depressed so he looks to see what Vlad is up to and sees he’s sponsoring a new show called ‘Total Drama Island’. Assuming that this is the reason for the absence of attacks Danny signs up to keep an eye on the host and cast and to make sure Vlad isn’t up to anything. Things turn out pretty damn well for him.

Danny takes the place of one of the cast members or there’s an OC that’s there to keep teams even but is quickly eliminated in a double elimination or they break a rule or whatever. I would suggest Duncan as the one to be replaced, I like the guy but I think Danny would be able to take over his plot centric points.

Danny gets it on with AT LEAST one girl. Only the girl(s) he sleeps with know about his powers on the show and he uses them to spice up their sex life.

They go at it hard and often.

No Heather or Beth in the pairing.

Ghost girls can be part of the sex but not of the teams.

Bashing of Sam, Tuck, and pretty much everyone from Amity is encouraged.

Would be pretty plot heavy… I should also post this challenge on FF.


Any takers? Questions?

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