Betareader for dark Detective Conan FF wanted

Guest plaspoo

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Guest plaspoo

Hi, I'm searching for a person, who would want to betaread my newest fanfiction.

I'm looking for someone, who can thoroughly check for any mistakes language-based (grammar, spelling, suitability for daily use), for english isn't my native language, I'm german. (Perfect would be someone who can speak/write german as well so contact will be easier.)

Someone, who knows himself around Japan, japanese suffixes as well as daily life there would be nice.

I do need someone who knows Detective Conan good and could help me to have the characters stay in character. (Example: Heijis dialect)

About the story:

The main theme is Detective Conan. It's no AU and no Crossover. I think it will be Hurt/Comfort, Angst,... something like this.

The characters I want to use are Conan, Ran, Heiji as "main characters" and I invented some criminals. The rest will surely show up at one point or another.

The story is really dark. I'm going to hurt Conan badly and I need someone who doesn't mind or enjoys storys like this. It will have really adult content, so the betareader should at least be of full age.

Right now I've got 20000 words written and I think I'm halfway through. I would like to finish the story, before I'm going to officially post it anywhere.

About me:

I'm 30 years old and mother of soon 3 children, married and own a dog and a cat. I'm a nurse for children and live near Frankfurt am Main in Germany.

I'm looking forward to finding someone,

thank you for reading this,


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