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When limitless power meets a sex drive


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About galacta.

What if she was the one to kickstart the plot? Egging him on for fun, looking for some other way to feed and flirtjng with the boy? I'm not sure wether franklin or the power cosmic has the advantage in the lore, but galacta could make a really good foil slaah mentor slash demi antagonist for this.

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Not currently. I've some plans for something similar but i'm very busy at the moment. 

...also, galactus overpowered both the lord of order and lord of chaos. Silver surfer (powered by galactus) breezed through a guy channelkng the powers of EVERY earth superhero, hulk and strange included, and galactus once stalemated DARKSEID while at his weakest. I'm not sure franklin can match him, but i do admit franklin's likely stronger than galacta.


Can i suggest two more girls? The girls of the power pack are about his age and thus would make an interesting differwnt kind of relationship.

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