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a giants human pet

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Not ALL….  

A significant percentage, maybe.

Sometimes it’s not a giant.  The pet is just shrunk...

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Guest, are you specifically looking for giants or would you be interested in shrunken people kept as pets?

And, are you specifically interested in pets, or would any pairing of drastically different scales work?

I can point you to specific stories of mine, either way.

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Well, i can offer:


giants keeping humans:

Temp Work (Beanstalk giant grabs a woman to do his housework)

Smitten Kitten (space alien giants use Earth as a pet store/petting zoo)

Take Me To The Clouds (beanstalk giants keephumans as pets)

Snowflake (Earthling woman falls through a wormhole, ends up on a planet where the humans are small, feral creatures, the giants have all the culture and tech, keeping some humans as pets):

Stopover in a litte louder town (sequel to the Twilight Zone episode, A Quiet Little Town, where really huge space alien giants keep human pets in a town playset):

Protected (Land of the giants fanfic, an SID agent ends up in charge of a wounded human to nurse back to health)


Humans with naturally tiny pets:

Carnival Mirrors:  Star Trek fanfiction in the Mirror Universe, the Imperial Enterprise exploits some tiny humanoids:


Humans with shrunken humans:

Land of the Sylphs:  A magic event caused a certain percentage of the people on Earth to shrink.  The remaining, unaffected humans lost their shit.  The fear reaction was to decide that shrunken people are not human and classified as exotic pets:  Several stories from this world;

Annie’s Stories:  A particular set of characters in the Sylph world, Annie and her owner:

Tammy and Cruiser:  A different slice of the Sylph world:


Corsicanthrax:  From Monty Python and hte Holy Grail, the women at Anthrax Castle suffer some shrinking.  Not all of them, just a few, wiggly giggly maidens become too small for their naughty underwear:

The Figure:  A guy painting figures in the back of a games store imagines one of the figures is his girlfriend….

Coupled:  A woman is shrunk to take home and be put in a hamster cage

Dolly:  The college coed was kidnapped for an experiment, and the shrinking formula worked.  The counter-agent didn’t, though…  Well, the kids have a new pet, then:

Snake Woman:  Fay wants a new pet, but a unique one.  So she finds a strange little man in a strange little shop with strange little cages….

When Atlantis Sank:  All the successful slavers are making money with giant slaves, giant-giant gladiators, what’s a competitor to do?

After Dark:  He thought he was doing the poor little blind woman a favor by taking her home as a pet

Van Girl:  Bored socialite has been shrinking cars and making funny dioramas out of them.  THen she realizes she could shrink the girl driving the van she wanted...

Her first one:  Man and wife witches learn to kidnap people and keep them as pets.

Haughty Hottie:  Beanstalk giant girls shrink themselves to infiltrate the human world and pick some pet humans to bring home.  Too bad they accidentally overdose the shrinking….

Gifted:  Picked up at an office Xmas party, things get a little weird

Come on out:  Teenaged boys get access to a shrink ray and find a young woman attractive.  They take her home for fun, games, more fun.

The Prison Stone:  A D&D setting, a magic ring, a sexy thief, and a strange side effect makes for an interesting toy...



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