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Story adoption....Sarah vs the IAE

Guest KrazyIvan

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From the How to Use This Forum post:

Please include the following information in all posts:

In the Topic Title, put the fandom and story name. (Example: Twilight: Inferno in the Snow)

In the Topic Description, put that the fiction is up for adoption.; If the story is adopted, moderators will edit to reflect that it is no longer up.

In the actual post:

Pen Name in Archive

Story Title




How many chapters posted/written

Link to story if posted already

Basic plot along with any additional details you are interested in including, keeping in mind that if you include possible spoilers this is an open forum

How you would like to be contacted, email, PM etc

When a story is adopted, please respond to the topic with the following information: Pen name and link of the person taking over. Each author must also reply that they have both agreed to the story being taken over.

At this point, DG will move the story over to the new author's profile, while maintaining the original author's information connected to previously written chapters. We will then close the topic and change the description to adopted.

Even if someone has agreed to adopt the story, we need the original author to post so we know permission to adopt has been given.


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