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Let Me Love You-Replies

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Harry is in love with his potions professor and has tried everything in the book to get the man's attention all his attempts failed to catch the potions master's attention. Little does he know Severus is always watching him and waiting for the right moment, because since the day he met Harry as a baby he knew he found his mate.

Thanks for reading this and my other stories.

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Marron-Severus is so cute. In a dark way, of course.

I like the Story so far and hope to read more soon.

Thank you I want Severus to have a dark yet humanistic personality. He will go will take Harry through some emotional up and down. Thanks for readingJ

Staar-so nice I do love Harry /Snape match....

I am glad I can make you happy with another couple. Thanks for readingJ

SnowyIce- Hi, I really love this story and I'm excited to see how it will develop

Thanks for readingJ I will post the next chapter as soon as it has been edited.

delia cerrano-Terrific couple of chapters! Loving jealous Severus but want to see what happens when Harry finds out they are mated. I'm afraid Sev will make a mess of it...being very harsh, no affection, demanding. I bet Harry gets his back up at the way Severus acts...all demanding, stiff, noy lovingly. He's going to wonder if they are really mates why didn't Sev say something or do something until Harry showed an interest elsewhere. Or was this all a trick to get Sev to do something? In which case he will probably teasre him foer awhile...not too long I hope because I can't stand it!

The next few chapters might have you a bit frustrated with Sev. Then again I have one thing in mind and the plot bunny will have another. Thanks for readingJ

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