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Several years post-Tamers, things are going well. No Digimon have attacked the real world, Takato and Juri have been together for some time, and Ruki's relationship with her mother has been mostly repaired, even to the point that she joins her mother in modeling.

But there's one point Ruki isn't quite happy about. She's happy for Juri, since they're friends, but...Ruki wants Takato. She's realized that over the years as they've become essentially best friends. She wants Takato, BAD. And she's prepared to do anything to get him. Don't underestimate the Digimon Queen.

She starts out trying to seduce him normally, showing off some of the things she'll be modeling in private. Unfortunately, Takato is too oblivious to realize what she's going for. Finally, when he does actually realize what Ruki is trying to do when she's standing in front of him in lingerie, proclaiming her love, he still refuses. So she moves to her back-up plan, which involves drugging him and taking incriminating pictures of them together to blackmail him with.

Ruki doesn't want much, she doesn't demand he leave Juri or anything. Just to be given a chance, in the form of fucking on demand. If he decides he wants Ruki instead when all is done, great. But she's also going to make sure to put in the best effort she can. She gets plenty of sexy clothes from her model work, and she's a lot more adventurous sexually than Juri. Juri's very "missionary position with the lights off, no oral, little foreplay." Ruki flat out tells Takato from moment one that her entire body is his. If he wants to fist her vagina while fucking her up the ass and choking her, that's fine.

It starts out with Ruki in control, but as she coaxes Takato to take over and be a more willing participant, he becomes more dominant, living out his long-time fantasy of dominating the great Digimon Queen of his youth. Meanwhile, Juri doesn't even realize she's in a competition for her man, and is losing. Because the Queen always gets what she wants.

Bonus, and actually the scene that I envisioned for this most: at some point, for the ultimate temptation, Ruki asks for help. When Takato arrives for their usual meeting, he finds his supermodel best friend waiting with her supermodel mother, and he lives out his childhood fantasy of fucking Ruki and Rumiko together.

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