12 Rounds (Harry Potter Universe)

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This story has only barely been written. However, I have a good start at 271 words. This story will go 12 chapters, and takes place in either their 6th or 7th year (I haven't decided which yet). I wanted to build up anticipation for it, so this is what I have for the start:

Forward by the author:

The idea for this story has been floating around inside my head now for quite a number of years. As a fan of boxing, I’ve always admired the sport, and thought about how I could incorporate boxing into this story. Boxing has all the right aspects of a good story: drama, action, and emotion. A number of years back, I imagined writing a "Rocky" type of story using the Harry Potter storyline, but using my own twist. As you may know, the movie "Rocky", starring Sylvester Stallone, won 3 Oscars for best picture, best director, and best actor. It is my hope that I can do a form of justice towards a similar-themed story.


(I originally had "In this story, Draco and Harry hate each other's guts" as the opening line. However, I decided to cut it back to it's current, leaving out the line "in this story"):

Draco and Harry hate each other’s guts.

Or do they?

Part of being a champion is succumbing to a level of power, whether that be in the ring, outside the ring, in a marriage, in a school activity, or through money, wealth, fame, and fortune. All of these things can change a person.

Draco and Harry are no different. The rise to becoming a champion is the most difficult challenge any athlete will ever know.

Sex has much power in it, and desire can have a large influence over power. This power effects both young men greatly as they find themselves conflicted between their desires to commit violence against one another, and their desires to dominate each other in a far more intimate way, which neither of them can understand nor explain.

Along the way, triumphs will rise, and tragedies will fall. Challenges will be met. Rewards will be sought. Revenge will be demanded. Devastation will be certain.

When emotions run high, nobody is spared. When absolute victory is a must, everybody is a target.

When one stands alone, nobody stands with them. No matter how high they stand, they will never see far.

The path is set which neither can escape. The ride will be breathtaking. The outcome; uncertain.

The results will rock the wizarding world to its very core. Things will never be the same again.

This is 12 Rounds.

So what do you think? Does it give a chill up your spine? That's the goal I was shooting for: major anticipation.

I really don't have anything else going yet, neither ideas or thoughts. I have a "sort of" idea of how I want this story to go in places, but honestly, I've never written anything on this scale before. So it will be challenging.

I am open to thoughts and ideas. Each individual should have their own ideas about this story based on the Prologue. I would love to hear them!

Thanks for reading, and wish me luck! Please leave your thoughts/ideas here.

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hey, if you're wanting to use this for review replies and general story discussion, it should go in to the fanfiction forums. Let me know, and I can move it.

Ah, yes, please do move it! Thank you very much; I looked around for a while, trying to figure out where to put this. Thanks!

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