Weeks 188/189 - 25 May 2014

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Pen Name: . Anesor
Story Link: . Playing With Fire: Chapter 6 - Shopping for a Hero

Reviews . Responses to reviews

Type of Fic: . FlashFic
Rating: . Adult
Fandom: . Games > M-R > Neverwinter Nights (and Neverwinter)

Warnings: . Violence, WIP, ChallengeFIC

Drunken warrior friends are NOT as welcome when with a new lover.

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Pen Name: JayDee
Story link: Jude's Tale – Part 1: A Seraph
Review replies link: Review Replies -Original
Type of fic: Flashfic (...ish. I mean, each part is going to be up to 1000 words.)
Rating: Adult
Fandom: Original
Pairing: None in part 1.
Warnings: AFFO Bigotry ChallengeFic Racist Violence


Edited by JayDee
chapter title, then story title

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