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Jurato First Time/Fluff Request (Takato/Jeri)

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Well, never expected to be making a simple request, but what can I say, this is a simple request and nothing more.

Basically, what I'm requesting is for a simple first time fanfic with Takato and Jeri, but at the same time a bit of fluff here and there. If you need a basic plot or some excuse plot as they call it, perhaps basically Takato trying to comfort Jeri regarding Leomon and the D-Reaper incident even though it's been years ago since that all happened, since I can imagine she's pretty much scarred from both incidents.

This is pretty much all I ask honestly, since I haven't seen many fanfics in which Takato is paired with Jeri, which while I have no grudge or hatred towards Takato/Rika, I personally feel jealous that this pairing gets more attention than Jurato does. It's a simple reaction to it, no? Either way, if you can do this request, I'd gladly appreciate it. Trust me, I will.

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16 minutes ago, Guest retro95boy said:

Can i do this story

Sure, lemme know once it’s up. :)

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