Annabeth cheating on Percy with Gabe

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Hello, I would to see someone write a "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" fic/one-shot where Annabeth cheating on Percy with Gabe. If you need an idea, than here is one(Tho you don't have to use it):

An adult Percy and Annabeth are happily married to each other. Here Annabeth works at DOA Recording Studios and she tells Percy that has to got to the main office building in Los Angeles, California for a month or two for a business trip. Unfortunately for Percy, the business trip is a lie so Annabeth can visit her lover in the Underworld, who turns out to be Gabe Ugliano (Percy's died, disrespectful, abusive, and cruel stepfather), who has been having sex with Annabeth for many years now after she came to visit him the first time and saw his massive dick.

Oh, here is what I would like to see in writing in the fic/one-shot:

One is that Percy is nice and good boyfriend/husband, which means that it's 100% Annabeth's fault for cheating on him.

Two is that Annabeth and Gabe don't care that they doing this behind Percy's back. In fact they enjoy the fact they are doing this behind his back, which is way Annabeth doesn't leave him because it makes the sex even better for them.

Three is that Annabeth is a wild naughty girl, when she is alone with Gabe.

Four is that Annabeth's female friends know about her cheating on Percy, but instead of telling Percy, they in fact help and support Annabeth with her cheating.

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