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Guest Icyvampire

Hello! I am in search of a Loveless fanfic that was posted on FF but has since disappeared. I haven't the foggiest idea if it was deleted by the mods there or if it was deleted by the author or if maybe it was accidentally removed from my favs. But I can't recall the name of the fic and I was hoping maybe, the author had it posted elsewhere, such as here on AFF or another site.

From what I remember, Ritsuka's "true" fighter appears and begins stalking him. He begins causing trouble for the people close to Ritsuka and makes the lights (or some prop) at the school collapse on Yuiko and sets Ritsuka's house on fire (or gas? I can't remember) in an attempt to kill his mother. Eventually the fighter kidnaps Ritsuka and Soubi has to go save him. It is revealed that the fighter is not actually Ritsuka's true fighter, Loveless, but instead was a blank fighter (like Soubi) who pretended to be Loveless.

I hope that was descriptive enough. Please let me know if you know of this fic. I would truly appreciate it! ^__^

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