Existing Users: Logging in for the 1st time in the New System


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Validating Your Archive Registration (Current Users):

The first time you log in to access your account after the new code is implemented, your information must be validated, along with your email address.

Go to http://members.adult-fanfiction.org/login.php and use the log in fields in the middle of the page - NOT the one in the top corner, you can only use that once the below process is completed.


PLEASE NOTE: You no longer will be using a user name to sign in, you must use the email address that you registered with to sign in! If you no longer have access to your email address that you registered with, please send an email to technicalsupport@adult-fanfiction.org with your log in details to verify identity and we will assist in changing your email.

PLEASE NOTE: (#2) Passwords must be at least 8 and no more than 12 characters or in length, and must consist of alphabetic characters (A-Z and/or a-z) and/or numbers (0-9) only. No punctuation or special characters are allowed. If your current password is not at least 8 characters, you will need to request a password reset using this link: http://members.adult-fanfiction.org/reset.php before logging in the first time. Passwords are CASE SENSITIVE.

For this first time to validate, you must use the login box located in the center of the page. Ignore the one in the upper right for the time being. Once you enter your email address and password, CLICK where it says login, just a bit below and to the right of this login area. Otherwise, you will trigger errors and be unable to proceed.


Once you log in with your email address and password, it will take you to a page asking you to enter or verify your first and last name, your date of birth and your pen name. (Date of birth and your name will not be visible to users, these are for staff use only.) As you enter the values, the fields will turn green, showing that it was accepted and then click submit.


At this time, you will receive an email containing a validation link, which must be used to properly activate your account. If you do not receive an email, please check your spam or junk folder to make sure that your email service did not forward our email there. The email address it will be coming from is anonymous@affnet.nexcess.net, if you add it to your address book, most email addresses will automatically allow it.


Click on the link in the activation email, it will bring you back to the Archive and you will see an "Account Activation: Activation Successful"


At this point, you can use the log in box at the top right hand corner. When you log in, you will then see a Log In Successful and can move on to whatever you need to do next! The center boxes are ONLY for this step and new registration


Update: If you never receive the validation e-mail, please check your spam/junk folder first and if it doesn't appear in 30 minutes to 1 hour, visit http://members.adult-fanfiction.org/rsa.php to have it resent.

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