Final Fantasy Pairings You Love

Guest Pink Lace

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Just say it this morning (boy nothing like modivation).

Despite a few nagging plot holes, I thought the movie was fine. And yes, it was so cool to see Rufus alive and well. He was second favourite character in FF7 to Reno.

Of course, I'm desperately curious about what Cloud was doing for The Turks....

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Guest Helluin


~ Squall/Rinoa -- yes, I actually LIKE her! Quistis/Squall, Quistis/Selphie, Quistis/Rinoa, Quistis/Raijin... do I see a trend here?

~ Laguna/Kiros really ought to be written more often: clumsy dork and sexy guy, all sorts of possibilities. A pity I don't enjoy Yaoi that much.


~ Haven't managed to get through this game yet (blasphemy!) but am partial to Cloud/Aeris/Tifa (yes, I did read that fic, horrorgal, mea culpa if I didn't leave an appreciative review!!!).

~ Yuffentine is about the only minor stuff I ever read.

~ Aeris/Tifa would be sweet. They'd play off each other well, and I want more F/F.

~ Barrett/Tifa could be highly entertaining.

~ Also, because I'm weird, I wouldn't mind well-written Nananki/someone stuff. I found one story with that pairing, but it was a little clumsily written.


~ I am just starting it, and I'm afraid I'm spoiled to X enough to be impatient with it. But Freya's hot, if ratlike -- maybe she could go dom on Garnet?

~ Zidane's tail also has hopeful possibilities, but I can't stand most of the characters enough to imagine sex with them.

But back to my chief lurking place:


~ Tidus/Yuna: WRITE THEM WELL, DAMMIT! Why does the canon ship tend to attract some of the worst-written smut? They're young people very much in love, so it could be sweet, or horny, or clumsy, or all of the above.

~ Yuna/Lulu: Lulu is so very protective of her Summoner. And someone has to help Lu with all those braids.

~ Rikku/Wakka: Sorry, Square, I still think she'd be a better mate for Wakka; she's not going to terrorize him if he forgets to wash the dishes! Plus, they'd have plenty of things to squabble about.

~ Rikku/Tidus: Hey, canon hinted at it. Go for it.

~ Rikku/Lulu: A bit of a challenge, but I did it, so there. I think other people should try.

~ Seymour/Yuna for N/C scary stuff, yeehaw.

~ MORE KIMAHRI CRACKFIC! Yuna, you know he's just madly in love with ya... give the furry guy a break!

And yes, I am going to keep churning out bittersweet Auron/Lulu pieces, even if I'm one of a bout 3 people who finds this sadly fleeting relationship to be inspiring.


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~ Squall/Rinoa -- yes, I actually LIKE her!  Quistis/Squall


~ Haven't managed to get through this game yet (blasphemy!) but am partial to Cloud/Aeris/Tifa (yes, I did read that fic, horrorgal, mea culpa if I didn't leave an appreciative review!!!).

Thanks for the read laugh.gif Don't think I did get a review from you, but that's cool. Haven't tried your stuff yet, but I think I will. Don't read FF10 fics that often. Nothing against them, just FF7 and FF8 are my favs. I did write a RinoaXSquall and a QuistisXSquall if you're interested. Hint, hint! thumbsup.gif

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Guest kirameki

Final Fantasy VII

  • Sephiroth/Cloud
  • Zack/Cloud
  • Seph/Zack/Cloud
  • Reno/Cloud

Final Fantasy VIII

  • Seifer/Squall

Final Fantasy XII

This list is growing and I really can't decide yet.

These are just my favorites. thumbsup.gif

I don't have top picks in most of the other FF's. huh.gif

And I like Cloud(obviously). He's so screwed in the head. pinch.gif

Edit: I forgot Zidane. I'll ship him with almost anyone. Especially Kuja, Garnet or Blank. biggrin.gif

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Final Fantasy VII
  • Sephiroth/Cloud
  • Zack/Cloud
  • Seph/Zack/Cloud
  • Reno/Cloud

Final Fantasy VIII

  • Seifer/Squall

Final Fantasy XII

This list is growing and I really can't decide yet.

These are just my favorites. thumbsup.gif

I don't have top picks in most of the other FF's.  huh.gif

And I like Cloud(obviously).  He's so screwed in the head. pinch.gif

Edit: I forgot Zidane.  I'll ship him with almost anyone.  Especially Kuja, Garnet or Blank.  biggrin.gif

Have you tried my CloudXSephiroth fic yet?

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Guest kirameki
Have you tried my CloudXSephiroth fic yet?

Edit: Trying again after misreading your comment. blink.gif

No. actually I don't think I have. I'm rather behind in my fandoms right now. *puts it on list of things to read* It looks interesting. biggrin.gif

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Guest .:Deathbringer:.

Rikku and Paine foh' EVA! biggrin.gif

Yea, I got a fic up bout 'em, but with a hint of Yuna. It ain't anywhere NEAR complete, hence why I named it INcomplete... XD But I'm working on it.

I just love Paine's attitude and Rikku's bubbly nature. They clash but with the proper tweaking you can make them into a great couple and turn them into an ever greater story!

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I agree about Rikku and Paine...

For me, it's a mixture of romance and enemies, etc. Usually I'm a fan of the overarching romance in the game, a cute couple, or some fun yuri. The rest is "what-if"s w/ random enemy girls =D.


Cecil/Rosa (creative...)


Butz/Lenna (creative...)

Siren/party (would rule, IMO)




Celes/Barb-e monster






Snow/Tifa (obviously ;D)









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Okay - I'm going to have to state the obvious here (especially if you've read my fics)

FF VII - Cloud/Reno - Reno/Rude - Rufus/Reno - Cloud/Tifa - and beleive it or not Vincent/Cloud. (I see a trend here biggrin.gif )

FF VIII - Squal/Seifer (oh my God! Has to be my all time fave!) - Laguna/Kiros - Seifer/Zell - Irvine/Squall - and if it's written well (SquallFan wub.gif ) Squall/Quistis - Selphie/anyone but Cid *shiver*

FF X/X2 - Yuna/Tidus - Tidus/Shiva - Auron/Lulu - Rikku/Wakka - Brother/Buddy - Tidus/Auron - Gipal/Barali

FF XII - I haven't finished it yet - so I can't really comment.

I'm thinking that I'm a bit disturbed... crying.gif

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Are there so few that played FFIV and FFV?

I would do my opinions on each character and what pairing, but that would be too long. I'll keep it short and sweet.

my pairings (Pre-PS1, may edit for PS1-beyond era):


Lots of freedom here, so I don't have to comment much.


Played a little bit of it, but not much to speak about any pairings in mind.


Same quirk with FF1.


Favorite FF.

Cecil/Rosa, Cecil/Rydia

Kain/Rosa (open to it, but not as supportive), Kain/Valvalis

Edward/Anna (the spoony bard needs luvin' too.)



Bartz/Lenna, Bartz/Faris, or all 3.

I want to pair up Gilgamesh with someone, he was the coolest part about FF5 storywise. Poor guy...


Terra/Sabin, maybe Terra/Leo

Celes/Locke, Celes/Terra

[EDIT: Now with the rest of the list!]


Second favorite. Too bad the FFs after it aren't as good.

Ramza/Ovelia, Ramza/Agrias


Olan/??? (that one mage character that was with Delita, and the last scene with Olan)

Altima/??? (can be anyone, she was rather cool. She would start 'power plays' with the characters, heh.)

Meliadoul/??? (I would say Ramza... but I can't really imagine them together.)


Of course, the game is open to alot more, so I'm just scraping the surface!


...okay, I dont really like the seventh part, so there's only one couple I like.


call me odd.


Quistis/??? - Quistis was one of the few characters I liked (besides Laguna) and she's kinda open to a few pairings. So it can work out rather well.

Fuujin/Raijin, Fuujin/Seifer


I love this game. So I have a few pairings to share:


Steiner/Garnet, Steiner/Beatrix


Amarant/??? (I was thinking Lani, but a Freya is fine too...)


The game's alright, but some characters whine too damn much.

Wakka/Lulu (Not many people like Wakka; I thought he was a great character.)

I haven't played FFXI or FFXII yet, so I can't comment.

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Seifer / Squall: So there it may as well kick you in the face. It's fun and has some really good 'fic. (I think a lot of the old stories have vanished over the years however. Which is quite sad.)

Quistis / Irvine: Somewhat of a crack pairing, more like I'm curious about it. I love Quistis but can't see her with Seifer or Zell (or really Squall, although I would have preferred her to be his love interest) and so that leaves... Irvine. Well, out of the main cast. I'd never ship this too hard because...

Irvine / Selphie: Glee. Beautiful, bouncy glee. I adore these two together, and that takes talent considering they got so little screen time. (My party was always Squall / Irvine / Selphie. No one else.)

Ellone / ....Laguna?: Crack? Probably. I just replayed FF8 a few weeks ago and it suddenly occurred to me during the final scenes. If I found a fic that looked decent about these two then I'd read it, but for the moment it's more of an idle curiosity.

Irvine / Squall / Seifer: Make really hot PWPs.

FFX / X-2:

Tidus / Yuna: As far as female game heroines go, Yuna is decent. I can tolerate her and Tidus. It doesn't induce cringing but I did occasionally pray that Lulu would knock her out and take her spot permanently.

Rikku / Gippal: I think there's just something there. The game sort of hints at it subtly and I think it would be a fun pairing.

Baralai / Yuna: Honestly? I don't get it either. Two former/current religious zealots together. That seriously can't end up well and yet they charm me.

Auron / Tidus: Ah, the one FFX pairing I'll read any fic for, even badfic. That says it all.

Shuyin / Lenne: I haven't exactly gone looking for fic on these two, but I guess I don't really need. I'm pretty happy just knowing they love each other so much.

I played FF I and FF II but don't ship anything. I have FF IV, FF VII and Tactics Advance waiting for me however, so perhaps new 'ships will join my armada.

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FFIX - Kuja/Zidane

Zidane/Garnet- Its cannon but I don't see Zidane, the proverbial wild child settle down for long. That boy just can't stay on one place for long before he wants to move and live his life. It’s just in his personality. If some one managed to force Zidane to stay in one place for too long it would start to kill him inside, sorry screaming fan girls. I just don’t see Zidane setting down.


Black Waltz Three/Black Waltz Two

Black Waltz Three\Kuja- not consensual on Kuja's part but I doubt he cares. After all, he does own the Waltzes weather they like it or not


Black Waltz Three\Vivi


Tidus/Yuna though the pairing seems to attract a LOT of bad smut

Yuna/Lulu because I’m a pervert

Seymour/Yuna for N/C


Vincent\Reeve they balance each other out


Kadaj\Cloud for non con

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Guest Jaxxy

Heeyee... (like a zillion other people,) I totally 'ship Zell and Seifer of FFVIII... (narms, narms, narms. hungry burd. moar?)

I played and adored probably all of the Final Fantasy games from 1993 to 2006 -- totally worship FFIII (three) and FFVII (seven) as being the best of them all -- but, I generally find the characters in FFVIII (eight) to be the most fandom-friendly. (I guess the game "sucked!" at the time of release, following FFVII, and so tardily... but still, whenever I revisit it, I realize that it's seriously awesome! just, maybe not soul-renderingly so, story-wise... unlike the other two above, which absolutely were.)

I'm sure I primarily dig FFVIII because of the uber-heavy canon yaoi-ish-ness (lol @ Squallbelt), and due to the absence of many ladies... but for me, that's actually quite beside the point.

I just couldn't pick up on a grand passion (my must-have), or the deepest trust (my equal must-have), between Squall and Rinoa, even in-game. Their shtick seems more like "Knight and Sorceress, so we're supposed to do this... and you're not gross or anything. Plus, I'm a teenager, with plenty of hormones -- can-do."

and Rinoa?!
! Much less! Seifer might (barely) go through the motions, but it's temporary, grudging, and only for his personal advancement. He's a dirty, rude rebel, and I don't think he'd be caught dead
(must-have the third) tied up in any predictable prissy-boring Princess-y stuff... let alone as a servant!

Contrast this against the expressions of eternal connection (and passion, whichever breed you assign it) that are conveyed in most of these games -- in FFVIII, to be found primarily between Squall and Seifer -- and the latter is what I want to read about, hands-down.

I do enjoy het... it's just that I have to have a particular hankering for it, like any other sort of snack. I also have to actually have the time to really read (I get entirely lost in these ficworlds), let alone to read my first
second favorite kinds (from each of my three favorite fandoms: Naruto, Trigun, and Final Fantasy). Besides, if I want het, I don't have to look far: I have a real life, actually-produced movies, and muchly such. I come to read in search of a spiritual escape from the day-to-day; for any kind of entertainment, why would I look for a continuance of "RL"? Arg!

And I do love Squall... but even Seifer/Squall fics can feel too obvious to me. Mind you, that pairing is totally believable -- has to be, to be "too obvious" -- and I have yet to cry when forced to read it!! But, I mean, poor loyal, fun, left-out Zell, who only wants to help and be quirky and tell jokes and kill all the bad guys... he's adorable. I love his heart. Giving, warm, and brave (there is no bravery without fear!).<3sigh<3. These are what I find attractive in "real life", so I do in fic.

Hummm... maybe I just especially love everything Zell?

Because I certainly wouldn't be found fighting off any Squall/Zell fic, either... I read lots (when I do)! I love the trust that is found in the safe shelter of "best friend love". Solid and tangible -- things I personally require, in order to feel uninhibited -- so, ultimately, this brings an emotionally satisfying read. If I need a dose of that, on that day, that's what I pick to read.

But, on the hot meter, I do have to stick with Zell and Seifer. Bully/Victim, years of spite, mean jokes -- o, teh pritt. Can't emphasize them enough, the effects of such a deep history together -- same as Squall, sort of. With Seifer and Zell, though, there is so much purposeful and personal torment and hurt (to fix. in fic. rightnow.)!

But I don't envision Zell as ukefied at all... at all. No-no, no, look at him! he's all muscle-y and punky... c'mon! He'd beat your face in (if you were a bad guy... or Seifer... skwee). I'm the same way with Naruto or Vash, my other two loves, incidentally... whoever bottoms, cool, but they are all

Well. Since I'm not-so-uke-fannish, maybe I don't love everyfic-Zell. And I couldn't dig it if Zell (or anyone else... aside from improbables, like Raijin, or even Fujin!!) were with Rinoa... she's simply not the star of the FFVIII show. Not, at least, if leaving a full and unique impression on one's mind is what counts.

Hmmm... with that, I'm sure I needn't go on... though I could (and did). I'm not the rarest sort of fangirl.


(...or "Kweh!" ...when/why did that even happen??)


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Rosa x Cecil. It's sweet, a true romance story. It's also why I get very much annoyed (though will typically roll my eyes and move along) when someone randomly decides to act like Rosa means nothing to Cecil, or vice versa, and pairs them up with someone completely different just for the hell of it. This is at its worst when the person doesn't even TRY to make the pairing reasonable, they just have one of them go out of character by divorcing or cheating on the other for no reason.

I get that a lot of writers seem to think doing this sort of stuff is "edgy" and cool, but why is nothing sacred?

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