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  1. Stank -- having more than just a simple stinky smell
  2. Maybe I can use these to fix some of those old sweatpants.. *pokes with a pair of used chopsticks*
  3. I am no longer allowed to spend all night playing Bejeweled 2 instead of sleeping.
  4. *wakes up in a foreign land, catches the broom and hops on to fly back home* *chucks an empty laundry hamper*
  5. Neither have I, I tend to stay up all night and eat all the food. I have never stopped reading halfway through anything.
  6. Sweet Emotion -- in my pants.
  7. Shirotaka

    Five words

    cucumber looked in the soft
  8. Nope, but close, this movie was made into one of the more popular arcade fighter video games.
  9. ^ knows <'s dirty little secret < has ordered blue team to take down ^ V will not warn ^ of the impending attack.
  10. Because life is so dull and boring. Why?
  11. ^ has not insulted < because < ends up in a different state every year or so.. Arizona right now.
  12. Creation cuts into your slacking around time. Why?
  13. ^ should go find her muse and beat them until they straighten up..
  14. Because they spend too much time watching bad TV. Why?
  15. The gods must have a sense of humor. Why?