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  1. I would slaughter a school bus full of children with a bicycle chain for a Mac truck full of cheesecake.
  2. This seems to me to go along the same lines as the blog discussion from a few weeks back. My thoughts are it would be a bit of a bandwidth hog.. Perhaps the discussion should wait until the techs have cleaned their plates a little bit. ^^ They work so hard and they do so much. On a side note, I think that would be a very very nice feature, just not top priority.
  3. I am no longer allowed to go so long without being paid for work.
  4. Not Guilty! I helped one of my friends pass by cheating off me though.. G/NG Has gone double the speed limit backwards in a school zone.
  5. Fresh, clean home-cooked meals in my warm, dry house.
  6. Shirotaka

    If I Were...

    I would be MOJO-JOJO! If I were Mojo-jojo..
  7. If my mom found out I never drop calls and just hang up when I am done talking she would probably never speak to me again..
  8. Neither have I, just makes everything worse. I have never broken a promise.
  9. I have written every song known to man in every language. Twice.
  10. Ow! I got hit on the head three times today already!! *pokes next person with a feathery pillow*
  11. ^ Has a picture of a snake for an avatar < likes snakes V does not like snakes
  12. *stashes them away for later* *chucks a television set*
  13. Shirotaka

    I Am...

    I am stoked that I finally got paid for working so hard for so long.
  14. I have, to win a bet. I have never eaten a squirrel.
  15. I am no longer allowed to spend 14 hours at work in one day.