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  1. I know you like reptiles and snake symbolism, but it didn't click till just now. 

    Also, read through the story, and I...  Don't really see the hypnosis. It's a good premise, carried out well,  though i think the end carried on a bit too long. And I question where shanti learned that language. But otherwise it's quite well done! 

  2. On 12/11/2019 at 7:28 AM, Thundercloud said:

    It’s like the Godzilla movie from 1998 when Godzilla is so large its feet crush a t-rex skeleton and stomps a buss to tiny bits….but they spend most of the movie running around trying find the location of the monster that somehow manage to hide itself totally.

    yeah…. the behind the scenes story for that movie is… something. Roland emmerich was quoted as saying he rejected the original draft for the end because “it was just two giant monsters going at one another and i simply don’t like that”


    and that’s BEFORE they started getting editorial mandates on what godzilla couldn;t do.

  3. "I can-"

    Behind kim, the exhange student ninja paused and blushed mid volunteer. Her head dropped quickly into a bow that coi-incidentally broke eye contact.

    "That is, i do not see anything... but i can look for injury more closely if that is what you want possible-san..."

    Yori maintained her coi-incidence as she turned and quietly closed the door.



    Not sure i'll be able to continuosly keep this but i'll help move it along if i can.

  4. It does. There's another example where he says to show the same scene twice, a normal dinner party and casual converation and a secind where he informs us there is a body in the next room.


    A good twist will have the audience thinking back and seeing things a different way. Or at least knock everything down in a constructive way (thr reveal in the jak and daxter series springs to mind)


    A bad twist, well one of the new robin hood series comes to mind. The authors killed off maid marian to establish high stakes then killed off robin for thr shock value. The series couldn't recover and cancelled itself.


    Of course, the recovery from a BAD twist can be a very good thing. Parralax was both the dumbest decision and best thig that happened to green lantern in the long term.

  5. 2 hours ago, Guest Random Fan said:

    I’ll stick to the original 10. If you want to see a few more let me know. Don’t expect me to do them all. 

    Heatblast – Alien Heat – Heatblast creates fire blades and carves out his opponent’s chest. Then he shoves his hands into the ground creating a dome of burning rock around them before turning it into a giant magma Brazen Bull, which explodes in a shower of gore and rock. 

    Wild Mutt – Blind Savagery – Wild Mutt roars as he charges at his opponent, from his POV we see the target, and rips them apart with his claws and teeth. Finally, he rips them apart while they are hoisted above him roaring in victory.

    Four Arms – Four-Armed Fury – Four Arms slammed both sides of his opponent head stunning them, performing a double punch to the stomach before ripping off their arms with his upper arms. He finally blasts them apart with a powerful sonic clap. 

    Grey Matter – Tiny Terror – Grey Matter jumps and climbs his opponent, making them attack him, hurting themselves. As he climbs, Grey matter punches various pressure points on their bodies, including over the heart and the brain. The opponent's stomach, heart, and head explode.

    Stinkfly –Slime to Die – Stink Fly blasts his opponent with a barrage of slime. He then charges in and lashes out with his stinger impaling them and then ripped them in hail, with their upper body split vertically and his lower half is stuck in the slime.

    XLR8 – Purple and Black Blur – XLR8 runs at his opponent blitzing them with his sharp claws. Then he continues to do so running in circles, turning the black and blue blur around them purple due to the blood. Then he stops and stands over his still-living opponent, and then brings his sphere foot landed on his face and grinds their head into splatter.

    Diamondhead – Mine This! – Diamond head blasts his opponent with a barrage of diamond shards. When he gets close enough, he drives his hands into his chest, and causes them to grow, popping out randomly across his body. Then he forms a large hammer with his arm and cruses his opponent’s body in a shower of gore. 

    Ghostfreak – Exorcism Gone Very Wrong – Ghostfreak flies into his opponent and using his tentacles rips them apart, all their limbs now extended by the black and white tentacles. Then he shoots into the air and divebombs the ground with a sickening splatter before rising out of the ground and glaring down on the body.

    Rip Jaws – Eat Your Heart Out, Jaws – Rip jaws rips his opponent's chest and stomach with his claws before knocking them to the ground. Then he jumps on them and proceeds to tear into them with his huge jaws, eating their head and some of their chest.

    Upgrade – Laser Murder – Transforming his body into multiple weapons, slashing them with a circular saw, bashing them back with a jackhammer, and then pulling them close when he shoots them with his harpoons and pulls them close before blasting them point-blank with a huge green laser beam from his eye. 

    these are fantastic and don’t feel pressured, do only as many as you want to. thank you for taking me up on my challenge


    if you DO want to do more that’s fine, but it’s your choice

  6. And something we also know exceedingly little about. Though there's nothing in the ben 10 lexicon which really matches either....…


    Bit of a tangent but.... a challenge. Who can come up with the best fatality for an ombitrix alien?


    Also, excellent work as always random fan and thank you for your time.

  7. Well, okay. batman, with superman and nightwing side stories (which sadly have been moved to pay only accounts) Danny phantom and again sweet Rwby story rwby fallout crossover Spiderman with interesting framing device an image gallery site. The images arenover the top erotic, but the story is actually quite sweet in parts. had a lot of stories, then took them down, leaving only parts of what we once had. Still might be good for you. He has a list of his projects on his deviantart account 

    Anything in particular you want?