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  1. I suppose that Hild is the obvious choice, but with Mara… things will be a little bit complicated. That’s all I can say for now For Hild and Hagall, I guess this is what they look like: Hild: http://fav.me/d1gkfp0 Hagall: http://fav.me/d9a0o8g For the two angels, I’ll only say that it’s definitely Gorgeous Rose along with another one of them. The two Mints will show up at a future chapter. The goddesses: Belldandy: http://fav.me/d21w0pj Urd: http://fav.me/d20zqrf Skuld:http://fav.me/d225jzj Peorth:http://fav.me/d21f1x0 Lind: http://fav.me/d21pc8k
  2. That’s definitely going to happen at some point Although I’m leaning more towards the second version.
  3. The angels should be as good as their hosts are. After all, they share memories and feelings, so each of them should behave in a somewhat similar way to her goddess. It's indeed true that they can change hosts, but the process can put a lot of strain on Keiichi's body. Still, something of that nature might actually happen, although not because the goddesses gave their angels to Keiichi. Now, for Hild's avatar… The truth is that I'm not comfortable with minor characters (even if it's only their appearance and not their actual age) in a story like this. However you might indeed see Hild (in her full body) in that outfit, and her habit of kissing others out of the blue will remain. As far as that outfit is concerned, there are two versions actually. One is what she actually wore in that race and the other is part of a cover from the manga. Here’s the images: In story: And he’s the other one:
  4. That’s indeed true. Well, Belldandy has some experience, although Keiichi’s going to be her first male partner (she only had Lind so far, so all her experience is with goddesses). Also, Skuld isn’t too experienced either, since she just got a boyfriend and at this point, Keiichi might actually have more experience than her. It is also the reason why I’m not going to directly involve all characters with Keiichi, to keep the story a bit more plausible. For example, Skuld already has a boyfriend, yet she’s there to spend some time with her sisters, and Lind is mainly involved with Belldandy (who in turn will become involved with Keiichi). And both Hild and Ansuz have a lover of their own, but since their daughters are involved with Keiichi, there might be a few moments with him too, eventually.
  5. Hell does indeed have something close to that. They’re called devils or familiars (depending on the translation), but their appearance varies. In the series, there are a few imp like creatures called familiars, but the ones who truly match the angels are far more similar in appearance. Unfortunately, there’s only one example when Hild tried to gave Belldandy one (in the Angel Eater arc). Keep in mind that the last image is fanart, and in reality, the devil depicted here isn’t colored in the same fashion as seen in the anime (her skin is the same complexion as Belldandy’s and her hair are dark blue). For Hild, there’s no confirmation in the series that she’s got a devil, let alone any images of her. Of course, if I wish to do so, I can come up with something that could be something in between the devil depicted above (her name is Blue Lance btw, but she was actually named a bit later in the manga) and Urd’s angel, World of Elegance.
  6. The angels’ bodies are mostly similar to those of their goddesses, although each one of them have different hairstyles and a few other features (like the tattoos on World of Elegance for example). Here’s a list of them: Holy Bell (Belldandy’s angel) World Of Elegance (Urd’s angel): Gorgeous Rose (Peorth’s angel): Noble Scarlet (Skuld’s angel, although keep in mind that in my story she’s aged up, just like Skuld is) And finally, Spear Mint and Coll Mint (Lind’s twin angels) Keep in mind that all those are colored versions of the official artwork from the manga, so they are indeed nice looking and not just a hentai/ecchi version of them
  7. The angels should be about the same size as their hosts, actually. Also, while they don't generally unfold their legs, they do posses legs (as seen in the movie), so that also means they're capable of sexual activities. Now for Hild, I see no reason for her not to be able to eventually sleep with Keiichi. Urd's main concern is a situation where Hild's going to seduce her boyfriend, but as long as she won't be added as a girlfriend, Urd might eventually allow it. Or… it might happen afterwards, since Hild isn't one to take no for an answer indeed (although she won't try to antagonize Urd too much).
  8. Eventually? You bet! Although it might end up in fouresomes…. given how many might be involved into those scenes (Keiichi, a goddess or two, plus their angels… kind of adds up a lot of characters). Now that won’t happen right away on the next chapter, since I’ve got something a bit special for two of the angels (I’d rather not to spoil what it is though), however, it’ll definitely spark Keiichi’s interest in angels (and not just in a sexual fashion, he’ll try to learn more about them). Also, since this is an AU version of the story, both the situation with Urd’s angel as well as Lind’s twins is sort of unresolved as of yet. So, those situations will have to be eventually addressed too. In the long run (maybe the chapter after the next one), you can definitely expect the angels to actively join in the fun.
  9. Yes, that’s definitely going to happen and I do have plans for all the main goddesses’ angels (since we only saw them in the series). The only reason why I held back with the angels is that a lot was already happening and didn’t want to throw in too many characters in a single chapter. However, you can expect two angels make an appearance on the next chapter and from that point on, they’ll also interact with Keiichi a lot more.
  10. Thank you very much! I must admit that it took me way longer than initially anticipated to finish this chapter, especially as I had to a few modifications here and there several times (which only made the delay even longer). In ll honesty, I really enjoyed writing that scene in the bar, since it was a nice opportunity for Tyr to discuss a few things with his daughter. I did want to give the mothers a chance to have Keiichi and the whole situation with the clones was just too good of an opportunity to pass. However, Skuld might be a possibility, although it won’t happen right away. Oh, Skuld’s on vacations, as mentioned in the previous chapter when Belldandy called her. It’s just that she wanted to have a talk with her friend before she dropped by, and that’s why she’s here now. As for Hild… well… that’s going to be addressed in the next chapter. Once again, thank you very much for the feedback! I’m glad you’re enjoying this story for this long.
  11. First of all, thank you very much for the kind words. It’s always encouraging to know that this story is appreciated, especially given the sheer size of the chapters. That is also one of the reasons of my rather slow update schedule, but I do promise of keep this going until I reach a satisfactory conclusion. The last thing I want is to just abandon a story for no reason whatsoever. Belldandy is probably the most difficult to deal with characters in the entire story, given that I’m not going for a completely broken and OOC version of her, just to make matters easier for me. Although it’s undeniable that I had to take some liberties here and there, to make a more sensual version of the otherwise pure AMG, I want the characters to resemble their canon counterparts, or the whole point of this story is lost. As such, I’ll indeed make Keiichi and Belldandy’s relationship a bit sweeter and more innocent both inside and outside of the bedroom. Not only it is important for the sake of keeping her from going too OOC, but also it’s necessary to give each of the goddesses a distinctive feel about their approach when it comes to lovemaking. Otherwise, there would be no difference between them, which in my opinion takes away from the experience of reading the story. Also, you’re indeed correct that one of the two other goddesses will help Keiichi and Belldandy during their first time, but it won’t happen like many of the other scenes where I feature threesomes. It will be intense, but in a fashion that I hope will do justice to the series’ most famous couple. And for a bit of a hint about the next chapter, I will also deal with some of the consequences and implications of an open relationship for Keiichi. With Belldandy added, he’s got three girlfriends and for the moment everything seems like a fantasy for him. So, from now on, he needs to be tested whether he’s worthy of the love of so many goddess or not. Once again, I’d like to thank you for your feedback and support, and if you wish to ask anything, please don’t be afraid to post here. An account isn’t required to do so (guest posts are allowed) and I’ll be happy to answer to the best of my abilities.
  12. No worries at all! I know that it's a bit out of the way to answer the reviews here on the forum, but it's better than having no other alternative. Now, to add to the above answer, there's definitely a long time goal for this story and even from the next chapter I'll start introducing the antagonists, too. Although the sensual content will remain, I'll make it look like the first half of the series, focusing around Keiichi's college days. As such, there will be some less sex driven events, but whenever that happens, I'll have to rely more on the other characters for some extra sexiness. And there's definitely will be some interesting development with Belldandy for the next chapter (which counts as a summer special too). I know that I've already had her introduced earlier, but I wanted to give her some time (in story) to interact with Keiichi and get to know him. Once again I really want to thank you for the feedback! Also if you have any other questions, don't be afraid to ask. I check this thread from time to time, so it's much easier than waiting for the next chapter.
  13. Author: h3nta1fun Title: The Vain Rose's garden Summary: An Ah!/Oh! My Goddess story based on the anime and manga series, although it’s an alternative universe where Keiichi's wish was granted by Peorth. A more sensual take of the story, following the lives of our favorite college student and the goddesses that suddenly entered his life. Feedback: Feedback and constructive criticism much appreciated. Fandom: Ah!/Oh! My Goddess Pairings: Multiple pairings with a bit of a harem flavor. Warnings: 3Plus Anal Bi DP F/F Fingering HJ M/F Oral WAFF Solo vs Chaptered: Multi chapter story. Currently in progress. URL: http://anime.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600055428 URL for Review replies and feedback: http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/index.php/topic/62943-oh-my-goddess-the-vain-roses-garden-review-replies-discussion-thread/
  14. Thank you very much for the kind words! I apologize for not being able to offer a proper reply earlier, but I was a bit uncertain as to how to do so, given that I cannot reply on the review section. To begin with, you can find my story here, as well as Hentai Foundry and Archive of our own, as I've also mentioned in the opening post of the thread. My primary website is technically Hentai Foundry where I first started with this story, but I also enjoy Archive of our own, since it offers a much more direct manner of replying to reviews (as it threads them) and even allows anonymous posting that if often desirable by some of the readers. I periodically check them for any feedback and try to answer them to the best of my ability. Now, in regards to the story itself, I do plan to keep this going for a while (albeit not on an extremely tight schedule, given how large the chapters tend to be). The idea is to offer a sensual, yet believable version of Oh! my goddess, where the plot drives the events, instead of the other way around. It's going to have a harem feeling, but at the same time, I wish to avoid some double standards in terms of who the goddesses are allowed to sleep with, all while Keiichi enjoys several of them. As a result, this is more of a case of an open marriage/relationship instead of a typical harem scenario with Keiichi being the only man allowed to do anything with them. Still, that doesn't mean that I'll throw random, anonymous strangers (of either gender) into the mix as partners for the goddesses. If they have an affair of their own, that's going to influence the plot and in Skuld's case, that also caused Belldandy to seek Urd's advice, making her visit her sister who was currently with Keiichi. Such interactions in my opinion add to the plot, by giving some topics of discussion between the characters, aside from the sex scenes themselves. There will be certain limitations of course, before the situation becomes too crowded for the lack of a better word. If there are any other questions, or anything at all, feel free to post here!
  15. Hello everyone! This topic is dedicated for answering reviews (as I cannot post replies directly there), as well as any other feedback someone wishes to give for my story. The Vain Rose's garden is an Ah!/Oh! My goddess fanfiction that's based on an alternate universe where Peorth grants Keiichi's wish instead of Belldandy. From that point on, it follows the lives of both that couple, as well as the other goddesses and their dealings with their mortal friend. Also, while it does adhere to the same slice of life format that Ah!/Oh! My goddess uses (even with a much more harem like setting), there's a lot more sensual content and interesting situation for the readers to enjoy. The story can be found here: http://anime.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600055428 Additionally, you can also find me in hentai-foundry,com and archiveofourown.org under the same username, and the same can be said about my story (same title there too). Criticism is always welcome!
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