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  1. theres 2 stories that i have read on AFF but now i cant find them woudl apreciate any help to find them or the title to them 1: the first one is a Hiei/reader type, Hiei's Jagan eye starts to hurt and he ends up in a girls apartment where he rips the headband to "confirme" that the girl is the one hes searching for he passes out and she takes care of him till he wakes up and tells here that she has a jagan eye and that his jagan has chosen her to be his mate. i remeber that this story wasnt complete when i read it and i think it was even discontinued but still i liked it. 2: the second story is a jin/reader, jin gets a chanse to go to the human world where he meets yusukes sister who is a painter in secret, i remeber a specific part where they went to a pizza place? i think and Jin accidentaly inhales some blackpeppers and starts to sneeze like crazy, claiming that the blackpepper where trying to kill him any help is grateful and i hope you can help me find these wonderfull stories thanks for any help