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  1. I know that no Navajo leaders have spoken on it because there was no official statement issued because I looked further into the situation. People who are heads of large organizations such as tribes, nations etc, tend to do things called press releases to condemn offensive media. And I'm sorry I insulted your demographic but as someone who is forced to spend quite a bit of time around early college goers, they are a large part of the problem and a blight to progress in race relations in general. They like to talk a lot about things... and then they don't even interact with people outside of their own race or culture aside from the people in the service industry, or people who were once their "friends" in high school (people who they never hung out with outside of school). "And again, you say that because it's fantasy, it shouldn't be taken seriously, but that is not the point and you know it. She has taken a Navajo myth, a part of Navajo culture and is using it to her own ends. Placing it into her fantasy setting does change the fact that the skin-changer is a part of Navajo culture and lore. No matter what she does with it, it's still a part of Navajo culture. It doesn't matter if it's fantasy or not. This is not something that can be hand waved away by "it's fantasy, I don't have to justify it."" By this logic no one should never change the Arthurian legend for the same reason. And how dare anyone Latino or African American deign to touch European or Asian legends and myths or interpret them in their versions of fantasy. How dare someone of Jewish faith write about Christianity. How dare a Muslim write about the Hindu faith. How dare a Latino write about white people. See, it's a very slippery slope that can be used to justify some very nasty sorts of racism. Frankly, I find the segregation of cultures you're proposing offensive. Essentially, whether you realize you're saying it or not, your argument is no one can interpret any culture other than their own which is frankly disgusting and leads to a whole treasure trove of ignorance that breeds hate and bigotry. "if the thought that people might be offended and cry racism or sexism stops a person from writing a thing, then good. That means that we are becoming more conscious as a society and aware of the importantace of respecting other cultures and the value of minority groups. It's a good thing" Fear of reprisal doesn't breed respect or understanding-- it enforces white washing. Fear also breeds more racism. Then you end up with the Oscars (why not have more non-white writers? because they can't find jobs outside of writing about non-white people thanks to the problem created by your argument). People being afraid of writing something because of the backlash they might receive is the opposite of progress. When no one attempts to engage with cultures outside of their own it props up racism because it promotes Othering and exoticism that leads to fetishizing. So yes, this is needless backlash.There are real issues out there facing the native community that this trite is taking attention away from.
  2. But they're not, if it was hurtful to them as a people tribal leaders would have come out with a comment by now. They haven't said anything, it's mainly little shit kids and people desperately seeking validation on twitter and tumblr who have commented. She has taken one aspect of their culture the Skin-Changers, that doesn't automatically make the native culture she's referring to Navajo since it is a fantasy world she's writing in. The sad thing is that if she didn't include Native Americans everyone would be making more of a fuss. You might say "No one is saying that we should stop writing" but things like this are why a lot of people don't write, or why they stop writing. This sort of needless backlash doesn't help anyone.
  3. The thing you're forgetting about, LockedBox, is that she's writing a Fantasy series about Wizards and Witches. No one is going to assume she's an authoritative voice on Native American culture with her made up world. I'll further say that in the way she's referring to them, past tense is completely appropriate. Just like we talk about ancient Greeks in past tense, and the American colonists. The passage literally states it's about the 1300's - 1600's, so yes... she should be using past tense. She's creating her own wizarding world; for all we know there are no navajo . There is no real issue here. This is a case of people blowing something out of proportion to feel good about themselves. I read the passage on Pottermore and I didn't see anything wrong with it. No she's not being specific but she doesn't have to be and its not even insensitive to use Native American as opposed to Navajo in the specific passage. It's nitpicking of the worst sort. There are no genuine complaints in the case of J.K Rowling, and I'm not even a fan of her work. She's not writing a history book, she could frankly say that Skin-changers were Chinese Leprechauns. She's writing fiction and not painting a derogatory picture of a culture of peoples time to move on.
  4. Huge rant about the article itself: I noticed when I read the article that everyone complaining seemed to be very young (early 20s if not teens). Hasn't tumblr made the world an amazing place? Too often people don't listen to their own arguments. Some of those tweets made me shake my head because I doubt they realized what they were saying. Many of those tweets don't pass the "Old-white-guy-in-a-white-linen-suit-with-a-southern-accent-on-a-porch racism litmus test". The trick is to imagine an old white guy in his 80's on a porch in a white linen suit saying the same thing while sipping sweet tea. If a phrase coming such a person in your mind sounds a little racist or xenophobic... it probably is. One specific tweet in the bundle stood out to me "Again, Non-natives are not entitled to our stories, cultures, histories, imagery & identities, not even in the name of artistic freedom," now imagine an old guy on a porch with a southern accent saying that but trade out non-natives with non-whites. Do you see where the problem is? That argument when boiled down is essentially saying that you can't have an African American fantasy writer who writes anything Arthurian because it's not a part of their culture. Doesn't that just make you feel a little wrong inside? I know it makes me feel a little queasy. Psst, Tumblr, in your fight to end racism you've just created more racism! Response to actual post: As far as writers in general, we shouldn't worry about it. People are going to complain regardless of how much research you do. Like Bronxie said, there's no pleasing everyone. All you can do is research enough that you feel comfortable about what you're doing. Beyond that...don't sweat it or you'll give yourself an ulcer.
  5. This service you speak of will get your accounts banned on a lot of sites. Amazon actually has a very harsh policy not just for people who give the paid reviews but the people who receive them.
  6. Eyes of Fire: Prologue II http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600108114&chapter=2
  7. Annnnd Prologue II for Eyes of Fire posted :D

  8. Pippychick writes some great LotR fanfiction that might be up your alleyway if you don't mind it not being original And Bronxwench also has some phenomenal M/M fantasy themed stories I hope that helped
  9. Eyes of Fire prologue I posted :D

  10. Prologue I Eyes of Fire http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600108114
  11. It's that time again! Yay Review replies I figured since the end has been reached I'd say something. Oh and this! Yay! We all know this means that the first chapter is just around the corner Thank you all for all of your reviews of HotF... I'm just going to keep using this for Eyes of Fire too because its a continuation and I hate the idea of eating up multiple threads for a sequel. Now! Reviews.... Multiple people seemed... happy about Yorwrath finally revealing his love for Valentina Tahn Oh. My. Gawd. I can't believe she got him to say it, I am freaking out here! CL.Mustafic Finally, for goodness sake! CL --- Well guys! I'm glad it was satisfying for him to finally say it I was going to reply to more, but in the middle of everything I started to get the urge to write sooo... I'm going to put this here and reply to more later That being said though I know the ending wasn't as neat as it could have been, it was however, my first HEA or rather HFN and I'm pleased with it for that. Most of the things left unresolved will pop up again in Eyes of Fire fairly near the beginning. I hope you keep reading.
  12. Epilogue II http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600107932&chapter=21 Epilogue III http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600107932&chapter=22
  13. Annnd that's all folks for HotF. Epilogue II & III have been added, I hope to have the first part of the prologue for Eyes of Fire out by next Sunday at the latest.

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      Wicked woman... you made me cry again, but at least it was happy tears this time.

    2. ChrissyQuinn


      I'm glad they're happy tears :) Though, I'm still sorry I made you cry.

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      Aww... I only moan because I am SUCH an unattractive crier. :D

  14. I didn't think you were I take that as a compliment. I'm glad you both like how its shaping up... *evil snicker* Oh and see!!! The ending is happy
  15. Yeah, I got too excited and posted it without proofing at all... heh, whoops. I'll pop back through it tonight and probably post a revised version. I was just too psyched to show off Gwyn ap Nudd to wait until I proofed it
  16. Epilogue I in HotF posted :D Awe... we're at the end...

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      :P I that a good or bad thing, Dafdes? ;Fear not BW, I'm sure I'll have the first part of the prologue out for the 2nd before you start going through withdrawl :P
    3. pippychick


      It's both. Good because you're talented. Bad because this kind of work should be competing with Mr. Martin. The fact that it doesn't shows we still live in a hideously patriarchal society.. *looks around* Sorry, wrong meeting... I need to fanfic the elves! :)

    4. ChrissyQuinn


      Awe! Thanks, Dafdes! Who knows maybe one day it will *has delusions of grandeur*.

  17. Epilogue I http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600107932&chapter=20
  18. She got it published so she had to take it down from the site
  19. I will say NOTHING But I will say...there will be repercussions for the actions of the Swynwr that Aneurin has to deal with
  20. And I finally updated HotF..and maybe 16 won't be the last chapter before the prologue... I'm split

  21. Chapter 16 http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600107932&chapter=19
  22. So much for updating HotF this afternoon... maybe tonight ?

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      I certainly hope so, or do I?

  23. There are two things you forget about that! One, he believed she had been dead for at least a day, two; he was drunk, and three; Islwyn initiated everything. Lets examine this scene shall we? Does his reaction seem like someone who was happy about what he let happen? maybe I should add that he seemed angry and ditch the part where he touches Islwyn hair to drive the point home
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