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  1. Eyes of Fire Chapter 6 & 7 posted! From now on I'll post two chapters at a time every day or every other day for a week :) Please review :)

    1. BronxWench


      Myrddin! And Yorwrath! ::hugs Yorwrath plushie tightly:: :D

  2. I've posted Six and Seven I'll post two chapters a day for the next few days please review
  3. Woke up and did my rough outlines this morning... odd to think that in 3-6 chapters I'll be ready to start song of the seer lol. It feels like I just started Eyes of Fire like a week ago lol

    1. CL Mustafic

      CL Mustafic

      Yeah so I just finished the last chapter you have posted last night... *taps foot impatiently*

    2. ChrissyQuinn


      I'm going to start posting a chapter a day starting tomorrow :) They're already written they just need to be proofed :D

  4. Myrddin and Yorwrath... Sometimes I wonder what it would feel like to be drowned in pleasure while being burned alive by passion. *sighs*

    1. BronxWench


      You have my FULL attention...

    2. ChrissyQuinn


      It's glorious Bronxie, just perfectly glorious.

    3. pippychick


      You had me at Myrddin... *g*

  5. Okay, I'm supposed to be doing a writing sprint so this will be brief! I would be willing to donate cover art and my crazy mediocre layout skills to put together an ebook or even a print book, of Tales from the Shout Box, or whatever our last forum writing thingie was (or we could do a new one). That we could give to people who donate as incentive . Like PBS does, you donate a crazy amount you get ebook, you donate a crazier amount, you get a print copy, you donate an amount that shows you have entirely too much disposable income you get a signed copy of the print book and a cat plushie or something. Anyway it was a crazy idea I had Granted this would require everyone's consent to use their work etc, but other than that I think it would be a neat way to thank you people who donate like 30 dollars and up or something like that.
  6. I think it would be a little jarring to see a certain styles of citation in a story. Especially MLA or APA, those are REALLY intrusive means of citation. If I recall APA you have to cite the entire source the first time you use it, which is (Author, title, Publisher, location, year, medium, page number). I personally think you're going to cite a source in a work of fiction should use Chicago Style (CMS for short) as it's less jarring to look at. Take for instance the one time I used a Shakespeare direct quote in one of my stories I used Chicago style/Turubian/Humanities, which is just a little super script number and an end note and not (Shakespeare XI.vi.270-22) next to the text which would have disrupted flow. But beyond that this is a common sense issue, I believe the disclaimers handle most things beyond direct quotes etc.
  7. lol. Yeah maybe on par with it, but I think Mpreg's pretty bad.
  8. lol, Worse than Mpreg? Are you sure about that?
  9. It could be something even worse! Maybe one of them has Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple personality Disorder).
  10. I'm actually selling books.. I'm not entirely certain how this happened but Danse Macabre is almost in the top 100 in it's genre on amazon... so confused.

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    2. ChrissyQuinn


      Awe thanks guys. I'm just confused because I haven't done any real marketing or anything. It's like going to a party and having strangers know who you are... it's an odd feeling!

    3. Darkalley_Muse


      Congrats indeed. Good writing gets good word of mouth. Sometimes, it's that simple. :D

    4. CL Mustafic

      CL Mustafic

      *looks at her 100 copies of Danse and laughs maniacally* But seriously way to go girl.

  11. Now it's 6 votes! Geeze people! C'mon! At this point I'm going to have to add another question... >.> "Which twin do you think it is if it can't be both?" lol
  12. Holy Tornados Batman, so far everything's missed us by a few miles. Between the super tornados, the floods and the wildfires this year I think it's time to start giving the earth its due before we end up with a tornadoquake or something bizzare and terrifying.

    1. BronxWench


      Right? It's definitely time for a change in how we deal with our planet...

  13. Here is a place to discuss theories about who M.M. Adler really is, or to bitch about how much you hate Lily's advice! Don't forget to vote in the poll
  14. I don't write fanfiction, but I live with a batman fanatic. http://www.amazon.com/Batman-Psychology-Dark-Stormy-Knight/dp/1118167651 That book is pretty much where it's at for getting into Batman's head though.
  15. I updated Double Vision... I'm in uncharted waters here folks. No magic, no vampires, no elves O.o Realism is hard

    1. GeorgeGlass


      I know, right? The only thing worse is writing about consensual sex between two unrelated adults in the privacy of their own home. :)

    2. ChrissyQuinn
    3. pippychick
  16. Author: ChrissyQuinn Title: Double Vision Summary: Sophie Romero’s life gets complicated after attending an anonymous sex party. It’s not that she doesn’t know the identity of her mystery man that’s the problem, it’s that she does… until she finds out he has a twin. An erotic mystery Feedback: greatly appreciated. This is my first story without any super natural elements be kind Fandom: Original! Pairing: M/F, MM/F Rating: Adult + (might change if feedback warrants it) Warnings: 3Plus, BDSM, Bi, Bond, D/s, Fet, M/F, Oral, Other, S&M, Toys, WIP Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered URL: http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600108166
  17. I don't know if someone mentioned this before, but shrimping is actually sucking on someone's toes nothing to do with cum >.> I just felt like correcting that. On with the lists!
  18. Chapter 5 in Eyes of Fire up :)

  19. And now Prince is dead too... O.O What the fuck universe?

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    2. pippychick
    3. BronxWench


      Both brilliant, and a loss. I've seen the Ronnie Corbett one before, and love it.

    4. Melrick


      And the year just keeps getting worse and worse.

  20. Yay! Heart of the Forest was accepted by Loose ID publishing and is now going through edits! If you're here wondering where it went... that's where. Soon you'll be able to buy it I'll try to keep the editing from effecting my Eyes of Fire chapters. Hopefully I won't drop behind the 1 chapter a week minimum. Thank you for all of your support guys
  21. So... They accepted Heart of the Forest for publishing!!!! YAY!!

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