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  1. Ever have a story idea so stupid that you had to write it, just to see if you could pull it off?

    I have had such an idea. It’s a furry story about four boys from a racoon-like race whose island home is under occupation by tiger-like invaders. The boys manage to find an ancient artifact that they hope will give them superpowers to drive the invaders away.

    Instead, the artifact turns them into a boy band. 

    God help me, the story going to be called “Band Together.”

    1. InvidiaRed


      I thought you said stupid idea? Not awesome story prompt.

    2. WillowDarkling


      it wasn’t a story for me, but a poem… I wrote two poems when I was a teen that were scenes of candy and soda… as in “the dark Dr. Pepper night”, and marshmallow cars… Candy floss (cotton candy) clouds, etc. I think the idea came from thinking about Candy floss as clouds, and possibly imagining sneakers made of liquorice or something like that. 

      Worst part was, they actually worked. Both of them! They weren’t even half bad, if I do say so myself. 

      If that isn’t the stupidest idea ever, I don’t know what is. Even for a sixteen year old… 

    3. InBrightestDay


      I haven’t had an entire story idea that was like that, but I did have a scene recently where I was like “This is insane...and if I can pull it off it’s gonna be AWESOME!”