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  1. Fanfiction Net has been hit already and other sites may also be targeted by these same people.There is a good chance that other sites like this one are going to be targeted. Wild Rhov is one of the people who are alerting everyone who has accounts on Fanfiction net, and so I am going to share her tumbler post because it has information on how to fight back by complaining to google,with the information on how best to combat this horrible group of fake sites that are full of malware and such also. Please read her original post and safeguard yourselves if you have a fanfiction net account.


    Here is part of Rhov's original tumbler post so people get an idea of what is going on here so they can safeguard their own computers and accounts if you have a fanfiction.net account that has been stolen from and could compromise the security of your own computers..

    All of your stories, your profile, everything has been stolen and copied onto the following websites. (WARNING, these sites have malicious ads that carry malware! Use an adblocker!)

    They are making profit off your stories with advertisements. This is called spamdexing. Please report them. Theft of this hefty magnitude, literally millions of stories, should not go unpunished.

    Also, do not attempt to log in to any site that looks like Fanfiction.net but is not. In theory, they could steal your email and password!

    1. Go here: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/spamreportform?hl=en
    2. Put in the name of the website (one report each)
    3. Write in additional details: This is a spamdexing mirror site to https://www.fanfiction.net/ and has stolen my profiles and intellectual property.
    4. Click “I am not a robot” and then “Report webspam”
    5. Report more by clicking the link on: Go back to the webspam report form.

    Writers and fanfic readers should report these websites that profit off our hard work. Stop plagiarism and art theft!


    People have been warning me that these sites contain malware. Since I use an adblocker and run Linux, I was not aware of this. (Bonus for Linux, eh?)

    PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH THOSE SITES. Only visit them if you have an adblocker on your computer. This is utterly malicious and must be stopped.

    People have suggested issuing a DMCA to Fanfiction.net. Perhaps they will act if we all do that.

  2. Things will get better once the last of my infamous artist ex's brilliantly artful demise crap is fully resolved with the police sector. The man easily took a week to put together his death scene so it would be a thing of beauty crap. :( I am up to my nose in adjudication of evidence proceedings now. :( Great Thanksgiving gift that has continued to keep on giving ulcer symptoms ever since. Some items in the home are sellable, others were placed in my care because the landlord pitched a fit to the police that he needed his place back to rent to new people, and I got stuck with evidence that the cops reserve the right to come and retrieve to get said case adjudicated when they feel like dealing with it all. :( Amazing what threatening a lawsuit to the police department in this community gets some folks isn't it?

    Two truck loads of shit I do not want in my home because it doesn't fit, and I have to keep it accessible around the clock to the cops. . . . So once that gets wrapped up, and the cops give me the okay, I am going to unload all of it so fast the heaven's will spin in shock. At least Scribe has continued working on the actual novel while I am running ragged to deal with police protocols that seem to change faster than a bathing fanatics clothes. LOL. Sorry I'm so off topic for this thread at this point. Chalk it up to extreme frustration that I cannot start posting the story here until I have time to get it ready for upload.

  3. I know I have seen rules on co-authored story posting for AFF before, but I cannot recall the specifics off the top of my head, yet myself and another person have been doing a co-authored story on FFnet (The kiddy form) and wish to share the real edition here on AFF. Can someone please remind me of the steps needed to do the mature form here on AFF so that my co writer and I can begin sharing the full stories instead of my Sexcapade excerpts only stuff for Awaken the Star Song and other stories in the series please?

  4. I've had characters pull the stunt you describe a couple of times. I created a personality questionnaire to help settle the neurosis. I find that my characters only go crazy when I lost sight of who they are. I posted the character cribs that include personality traits which are pretty much psychology builds. Both cribs have their own strengths and weaknesses, but the second one on the list is the one that should help you uncover the main reason the character has "lost it" and is going all over the place. I know that these are long, and very in depth, but they truly do help fix an all over the place character if you look them over and consider the implications.


  5. My wet dream weapon of mass tire destruction became my main avatar everywhere I have an avatar change friendly account. I used to own an AAR Cuda, but I lost it because of the idiot I used to be married to long ago. Since this one is also in my all time favorite color of green, and I write Initial D Yaoi coupled with actual automotive info and facts involved, seemed to be the best idea. My only other Avatar is a dragon image from a book jacket that I adored reading in the 80's.

  6. Ok, I'm gonna stick my nose in here...probably get it bitten off but what the hell.

    MYTH: you can make generalized statements about human behavior and sexuality.

    FACT: Nope, won't work. There are as many preferances as there are possibilities and if its possible then someone somewhere is doing it. So if you are trying to classify gay, straight, or Bi; well you're gonna piss somebody off...so take heart yaoi fangirls, some where out there your fantasy is coming true

    Just my two cents...

    A: Fair enough, Magus. But, I cannot help but wonder why so many fangirls are so adamant about what is allowed in the realm of writing, especially in the realm of Yaoi writing? Also, I think that some of these input moments offered a way out of the doldrums. :) Hahahaa. Besides it is all in good fun for this thread I do believe.

  7. Question!

    If two males have anal sex, what kind of orgasm do the receiver has? The usual penile ejaculation? Or would it be something else?

    A: According tot he gay men I know, prostate orgasm is different to penile orgasm and does not always include ejaculation. Each guy is different in whether or not they blow a wad when they have prostate orgasms.

    Mith 6 (NOTE: this also applies to non-homosexual couples) Men can keep fucking for hours without getting limp, and after they come their penis stays hard

    Truth Dog dammit!!!NO!!! There is a thing called refractory period, you know? Well, it's something that causes the human penis to become flaccid after an ejaculation. And it takes some time to get it hard again. And no, I don't mean like 5 seconds. It could last like, from 15 minutes to several hours.

    that's all for now. If something more comes in mind, I'll add it

    A: I truly hate the sex that goes on after ejaculation crap that is in both Yaoi and in Hetero stories. You are correct about the refractory period being real since it shifts the blood flow back to the rest of the body where it needs to go to keep a man healthy. I find that specific BS crap as boring and over abused as the whole cumming at the same exact time together cliche crapola across all spectrums of sex heavy story telling. People do not have simultaneous orgasm most of the time either, and it does not matter if they are male, or female, gay, or straight. Same is true for the multiple orgasm racket. Not many people exist who are capable of multi-gasm at all. LOL. So yeah, thanks for pointing out a truth most folks need to learn about and use realistically.

  8. I've read it for you, Bronx, and to be honest, you kept the same rugged flavor that caught my imagination in the first short novel in tact. Second novels rarely live up to the first novel's potential. The fact that you maintained the ancient cultural hints and capitalized on them made the story. Seeing the undertones of prejudice and fear of knowledge was very believable. SO yeah, it was a great reading story due to those nuances.

  9. Hello to everyone who has been joining the AFF community of late. Hope you all enjoy your time here. :) It may not be the most review happy spot, but it makes for a great online home for sharing whatever wild things our plot bunnies can dream up to get all of us into writing. :)

  10. I read a Guy N. Smith novel that went a bit like that once. The eighties were great for horror. Now... *growls and grumbles*

    A: LOL, yeah, I hear you. I think that had it been portrayed as horror I would have not been so freaked that a living girl was being torn apart while getting raped though. It was listed as a sex fetish variety tale, not a horror flick from hell. :( Considering I was trying to think of an angle for something I am working on, I just decided to check into something involving fetishes since I'm not all that savvy on them to be very honest. ROFL. Voyeurism is one of the few I know much about, and I thought I could find out about others. Needless to say I got a bad shock on that one.

  11. Hey, some of us hang our hats on shocking the crap outta people, but it only counts if you warn them first and can still pull it off :D

    A: The fact you're willing to have guts enough to put the tag in the storyline at the top of the chapter is what counts in my book. Shock can be done without being wrongfully underhanded. I am willing to check out things that shock me to a point, but everyone has a line that should not be crossed against their will, and I think you understand that difference. Reading a non con and a fetish tag does not prepare people for certain types of really disturbing fetishes, and that is a fact. I did not know there was a fetish for killing during sex that existed until I came across the wrong fic. I'd heard of strangulation sex before, but never had I heard of blood murder fetish until I was reading a specific story where the tags were hidden until the end of the chapter. Discovering halfway through a chapter that an Original character was getting raped while being dismembered was not a pleasant surprise to me since I had no idea that it was going to be written with such a gruesome amounts of detail. I had to stop reading the story because the tag said "non con" alone. The murder/blood fetish tag was found at the end of the story chapter, not at the beginning. I wish I had been goiven more of a choice in whether or not I was willing to read said chapter. It had the warning listed well after the scene began so I could not report it since the tag was listed at the bottom of said chapter I discovered when I skimmed to see if anything was listed in the afterthought variety A/N I had noticed the writer did add in another chapter.

    I don't mind fetishes as a rule, but something that bad in taste was more than I could stomach, and I would have skipped that chapter had I known about the level of twistedness the bad guys were capable of doing no matter what. It was the first non con tag I had ever seen that was that gruesome to be honest, and it has made ma a lot warier about what stories I read of late. Now I double check the sum of the story for A/N's before I read a single chapter of anything just to be certain that bottom of story tags are checked over in the event they exist.

    Apparently skinning popular characters alive is cause for anger in some fandoms.

    What's the world coming too?

    A: Fan girls exist who throw hissy fits over all sorts of stories simply because it does not fit their deluded ideals. Putting the wrong couple together is grounds for a lunch mob it seems. I did that and got to see how many flames and hate filled dramas can get shoved into my reviews on another fan fiction site before the rabid decided that that the way I put it all together truly worked even better than their preferred darlings of choice. ROFL. I don't get the rabid fan girls at all. They screamed and threw fits about the romance I designed, but they also kept reading the stories. Has anyone else ever had that happen to them?