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  1. That feeling when beta reader 1 says the stuff you have sounds good because she goes wherever the author wants to their readers but beta reader 2 says there’s too much information being thrown all at once and everything is difficult to follow. TT-TT

    Time for some (hopefully) quick edits!

    1. CloverReef


      When there’s a difference of opinion between betas, I always suggest you go with the beta who writes stuff or reads stuff closer to what you want to emulate. Or get a third person to be the tie breaker! 

    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Two beta readers, I’m jealous….

    3. Kei0523


      @CloverReef The first one is someone that does read just about every genre that exists. She loves to read and understands the angle I’m coming from. The second enjoys the idea behind the character and the fact that I’m staying true to the anime I’m writing about, but I’m not sure how much reading she does in her free time. She’s a fan of the show but thinks for this one part I gave too much detailed information about my OC’s background instead of bringing in bits and pieces as you go along.

      I do bounce ideas off both, although the first tends to stay closer to my own ideas when providing feedback or at least helping me rework certain things and still stay within the initial idea. The second offers feedback, but it’s in the complete opposite direction most of the time and changes the main character too much…..might need that tie breaker. >_>

      @Desiderius Price The second pestered me to read! I caved, and now I have some regrets. But I mean, I did take those comments back to the first beta reader for discussion and she understood the concerns. Again, I’m hoping some quick edits makes it feel less overwhelming with this one chunk. @_@

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