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  1. As I’m sure everyone is aware, a couple weeks ago we suffered a severe injection attack. The end result is that Manta2g has been recoding to make sure it doesn’t happen again. In the meantime, where the fixes are done, you will see green. Where you don’t see green, that part of the site remains read only. Thanks for bearing with us.
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  2. Don’t worry, this idea has already spooked @BronxWench 👻
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  3. Okay, okay, new story idea, should be short enough so that it doesn’t feel like I’m cramming a novel in as a “oneshot”.
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  4. I’m crossing my fingers hoping it’ll all be fine and dandy when it comes time to post the Halloween stories!
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  5. Where you see green on whatever part of the site you’re in, that part is actually working.
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  6. If there are at least five stories for this pairing, we can create a sub-category for it. Otherwise, we would not make the sub-category. If there are five stories already, please post the links here for me. When the subdomain is fixed and live again, I will make the sub-category and move the linked stories to the new category. Thanks!
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  7. manta2g

    I can't post my story

    The archive is in read only mode, we patched and then it got bypassed with another brute force breach. Certain components of the site are being rewritten from the ground up to be certain they can not be brute forced or bypassed. Security and keeping members data safe is a priority. Your patience is greatly appreciated as we deal with this.
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