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  1. From @InvidiaRed for Samhain Night Amusingly, it was meant to originally be far darker. But, I kinda wanted a happy ending for Ravyn so I switched gears a bit part way through. It was fun to write, though it took me the better part of 2 months to do so. Still, thank ye! Glad the succubus came across well. I will read the other tales posted thus far, tomorrow!
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  2. I’d really like everyone to think a little before posting a request like this. You’re asking for the name of the doujinshi that caused PornEater to pull his stories. That’s utterly baffling to me, both as a moderator and as a writer. Why would you support the work of a plagiarist—a thief, to put it plainly? So, here’s the moderator portion of this post: ANY POST WITH THE NAME OF, OR A LINK TO THAT DOUJINSHI WILL BE DELETED.
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  3. I had a very close relative die in the summer and it’s kind of broken me too, as self-centred as it sounds when they’re the one who died, but I gotta try and move on a bit. Hoping to catch up on reading soon, especially the new halloween story jam you’ve got going on.
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