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Guest Speak No More Of Guesto

Fairy Tail Futa Lolis

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Guest Speak No More Of Guesto

Trying to find a story that I read years ago, it’s one of those weird ones your never sure if you like but gets stuck in your head

Starts with Natsu travelling back in time (though I think they ended up saying it was a different dimension instead) it might have been through a book that he found an meeting a younger Erza in the Fairy Tail guild, Erza pulls him along and makes him have a bath with her where he finds out that she's a futa with a bigger dick than him and gets fucked or she might just have forced him to give her a blowjob, then she bends over to get some soap while Natsu watches which was a test and as Natsu didn’t do anything than watch he is clearly only a submissive who's meant to be fucked

Erza shows off Natsu to the other girls who all end up being futas and he ends up becoming the property of Cana

The story continues on with Cana and Natsu but also has a bunch of oneshot stuff in it like a futa Juvia knocking up Gray and having a bunch of kids and a story of futa Asuka fucking her parents Alzack and Bisca

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