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RWBY: Fairy Tale Fate

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The females of RWBY run afoul of a man with a fairly Fae semblance.  Able to place his victims in a hypnotic state, they are imprisoned within an illusion which he can freely manipulate.  Worse, while trapped, their minds and will become malleable, allowing him to manipulate them, guiding them into certain acts and behaviors* without them noticing something is wrong.  By the time he releases them, he can have twisted them into anything he wants – though it can take time.

The fic would shift between scenes of the victims in the illusion, following their captor’s “script” and being corrupted, and scenes of the real world as they follow along obeying his commands in a daze.

I primarily want to see Ruby (either pre-beacon, or perhaps during the first semester) being corrupted, but I wouldn’t be opposed to a multi-chapter fic with others also falling prey.

*An example could be the victim being trained as a fetish maid – performing acts in sexualized was, cooking in a naked apron, bathing their master using their body as the scrubby, etc..  And they wouldn’t notice anything wrong about it, beyond maybe a bit of initial embarrassment.  By the time the illusion is ended, they’d be perfect comfortable with such things, never noticing its wrong or weird.

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