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The Allegory of Sun Goddess and the Serpent

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Author: Mina-chan95
Title: About That Kind of Desire...
Summary: [A sequel to Hot Cocoa at Dark Night, (but can be read as stand alone too)]
Tonight Orochi visits one certain redhead's dreams to give a serious talk and punish him. However, even at the darkest moment like this, there was that ray of sunshine by Iori's side, who was ready to vanish any darkness... [This was written for 2021/03/25 a.k.a. Yagami's B-day]
Fandom: King of Fighters

Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Orochi

Warnings: Angst COMPLETE HC MM NoSex Oneshot WAFF

Solo story or chaptered story: Solo story


Review Reply thread:

Awwright!~ It seems that this very special day in the year has finally arrived it ! ^^ However, this year instead of romantic trip or procedure decided to add something based on our folklore. Yup, all this time I was worried whenever I gonna kicked out, blocked or silently executed by making something like this(Boi, it's better to prepare for the worst case scenario just in case. So...)
Anyway, long story short, since the old days when our ancestors were pagans, we worship Sun Goddess Saule and the other gods and goddess. And of course, Saule and her sacred pet Zaltys (aka the grass-snake or also called serpent) were unseparable in our faith. As the Sun was known for being a fire heart and associated with motherly love and warmth, serpents were kept as pets, who protected the household's in which they lived fortune and well-being. It was forbidden to harm or kill these beautiful, wise and clever creatures, because you would get a bad fortune and die (Just what kind of heart-cold beast you need to be to hate them?!). There were even sayings that if you help or listen to a grass-snake, you will be rewarded for your honesty and hard-work, however, deceive Saule's sacred pet or harm it, and you will be greeted with a terrible fate...
More important, even out Sun crests always pictured with serpents. Yup, on each sunbeam there was a crawling grass-snake. Because both - Sun and grass-snakes are associated with vitality, fertility and well-being of the family.
A-anyway, since last year's 12.12 project, which Miau have made, I noticed the similarities about our local folklore as well. So, I've decided to make a deeper research.
And thus, this is a result.
I hope that you would enjoy it!

Inspired by Late Autumn Sun [English] by miauneko.

Fanart made by Miau:



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