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Harry's Animal-Girls

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Guest FestiveBoi

This is a; Very Dominant Harry idea

Basis; Lily whilst trying to discover her animagus form, helps speed up a process by drinking a potion that helps with discovering their animagus faster. However, that was not what the potion did, and changed her permanently. She is partially turned into a Cowgirl/Holstaur. She now has extremely large breasts that are nearly always leaking milk (magical milk), a tail, cow ears, enhanced strength and endurance, and makes her larger all around – fat wise, and height wise.

As time goes on and she tries to get rid of the changes, her mindset is slowly altering, at first, it is slow changes, like clothes become more irritating to her, so she starts to wear less and less, eventually just walking around naked all the time, then speaking becomes more of a challenge, and ‘Mooing’ becomes more and more natural and easier for her. Of course, over time she gets dumber and dumber until she is basically nearly mindless cowgirl that always wants to be milked or be rutted – Only by Harry.

(Perhaps you can make her walk around on all fours for added effect)

Harry seeing his mother become what she is, starts taking control of things, mainly keeping her in control and milking her when needed. This is how Harry becomes dominant, taking control over things because his mother is too dimwitted to do them herself.


  • Dominant Harry
  • Cowgirl/Holstaur Lily
  • Lily is to become extremely dimwitted and have a cow mindset; eating, sleeping, getting milked and getting bred by her bull (Harry) and getting pregnant.
  • Harry takes control over Lily, basically becoming her Bull.


  • Harry could find some leftover potion that his mother used to make what she is today, and perhaps use it on another woman who has caught his fancy.
  • Harry subtly places the potion in the girls food, and thus, slowly changes her into an animal girl (Catgirl, Doggirl, another Cowgirl, or perhaps even a Maregirl)
  • They too, become like Lily, and Harry brings them into the home

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