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Okay, as I said, I am looking for three Inuyasha fanfictions! I'll tell you what I can remember (hopefully I remember them correctly) and maybe you can help.


Inuyasha claims both Kikyo and Kagome as his mates. I don't remember what happened, but Kagome and Sango both end up as the wards of Lord Sesshomaru. He does not aprove of the way his half brother treats his females... but also doesn't like having humans in his home, so he has them married off! Sango is rescued by Lady Kaede and later marries Miroku, none of them tell Inuyasha where to find Kagme. Lord Sesshomaru wishes to marry Kagome to a demon prince... which is Kouga, but Kagome doesn't know it. I do know that she meets with Kouga's mother and eventually marries the wolf prince. Kikyo wants Kagome dead and uses Inuyasha to find her. In one part, she also stayed with Lord Sesshomaru. He had her dress in a way that Inuyasha couldn't see her face or catch her sent; thinking she was Kagome, Inuyasha said that he didn't love Kikyo and would kill her after he was reunited with kagome....

Okay, that's all I remember about this one. On to the next!


I don't remember a lot of this one, so bare with me!

I think Kagome cought Inuyasha wth Kikyo and ran away. She run's into Lord Sesshomaru and I think Rin was sick or something. So she stayed with them, to take care of the little human girl. At Lord Sesshomaru's castle, her room was near his and I think he was falling for her. One night he convinced her to stay in his room, after telling her that there was a demon outside her window... I think it was actually a spider or bat, or something to that effect. During the night she some how used her Miko powers to give him back his arm. I'm pretty sure they ended up a couple...

Now on to the last!


This I read a really long time ago... so my memory is probably off by alot!

Inuyasha and Sesshomaru are mates, but don't know it. Inuyasha has been having strange dreams and getting sick alot, the only thing that seems to help is eating rabbit. Umm, I think that there was a talking tree in the story somewhere. And I'm pretty sure the reason Inuyasha was getting sick is because he was in heat and could get pregnant. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru get together in the end....

Yes I know that's not much to go by. But as I said, I read this a really long time ago!

So, does any one out there think they can help me find either of these fics? The ones that I really want to read are the first two, so if no one knows of the third, then that's fine by me! If any one can tell me the titles, athors' name's and the site or sites that they are posted, I would be verry greatful! So, can you help me? Please and thank you!?

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Does anyone know the second story? It's been about 6 years and I'm still unable to find it... I've been reading more Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer fics lately, but would still love to read this story if it's still out there! :)

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