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Guest Heaven Falls19

Kouga and Kagome Story

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Guest Heaven Falls19

I am looking for a Koga and Kagome Story. Kagome is traveling towards the well when Kouga saves from her being burned alive from a dragon. He ends up in her time and spends time there with her before both return back through the well. Kagome ends speeding time with him, Ginta, Hakaku especially when Inuyasha takes off to visit Kikyo. Kagome slowly falls in love with Kouga over the time she ends spending with him. He ends up giving her one of his fangs one night when gives her added protection against anyone that would harm her by his wolf protecting her. She meets his mother and father, the mother likes her and the father does not and still thinks they eat humans but either Ginta or Hakaku interfere to protect her even though she wears Kouga’s fang and that would have protected her. Kouga goes to war with his father and his control snaps going into rage when he finds out that the dragon who he is fighting is the one that almost killed Kagome and ends up killing the dragon. The last chapter I had read was that Naraku had kidnapped Kagome. Kouga showed up to rescue her and thoughts she was dead and was begging her to not allow him to end up like one of his other tribes members that had lost their mate. She awakens before informing him that she is, in fact, pregnant I think

my email is if anyone can tell me the name of it or point me in the right direction.

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