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Lincoln Loud's Ladies

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Guest Random Fan Again

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of Loud House stories involving Loudcest. It’s grown kind of old. So I decided to make this little challenge.

Lincoln has been living on his own since he graduated. Unfortunately, he’s had a string of bad luck. He’s run out of college money, accidentally falling for a scam. Now in dire straights, he’s contacted by his grandfather, Albert, who tells Lincoln he knows somewhere he can live and work. With a decent pay and a nice place to live, Lincoln is more than happy to do so. What he doesn’t know is that the place is an apartment complex. The new position is that of manager, as the current one is ready to retire. After and interview, and some questions, as well as a search into his personal background, Lincoln is hired. While he’s never managed a building before, Lincoln adapts quickly. He also gets to know the residents, who are more than happy to get to know him. This actually leads to him having some interesting, and very heated, moments with some of the female tenants, even more so when other lovely members of the family show up to visit them.


Lincoln Loud – Lincoln has grown handsome over the years. Sparring with Lynn and the general chaos of his home life caused him to develop a nice physique, and his nice guy nature helps win people over. However, if he’s pushed too far, he has no problem punching someone in the teeth. 

Carlota Casagrande – The bombshell of the Casagrande family, Carlota is currently taking classes for beauty school to become a hairdresser. While she takes her job seriously, she likes to sit back and relax ever now and again. She enjoys flirting with Lincoln, finding his blushing face cute, and she loves teasing her roommate and cousin, Ronnie Anne.

Ronnie Anne – roommate of Carlota, Ronnie is a bit rough around the edges and can come off as a tough girl. In reality, she is a softy with a penchant for cute animals, especially rabbits. She knew Lincoln from childhood and the two even dated in highschool before she had to move away, leading to a sad break up. She is happy to see Lincoln again, but is annoyed that Carlota keeps meddling and trying to push the two together, not to mention flirts with Lincoln. It also doesn’t help that she has some jealousy over Carlota’s more curvy figure. 

Sam Sharp – the music lover is the source of the occasional noise complaint, but she knows when to dial it down. Her love of music landed her a DJ job at night, so she is considered a night owl by the residents who know her. Lincoln actually had a childhood crush on her when they met when he was still living in Royal Woods. However, he grew out of it after a few years. 

Tracy (Thicc QT) – This night owl was originally believed to be a hooker or stripper when first met due to her curvy figure, tight clothing, and late hours. It made the realization that she was only attended night school made it all the more embarrassing. She is a bit of a flirt and a tease, but she is a nice girl who would go out of her way to help you when your in trouble. She can be seen usually having a girl’s night with Carlota.

Haiku – reclusive, Haiku is a soft-spoken goth, who can come off as scary. However, due to Lucy, Lincoln has no problems getting to know her. Of course, since she works in a mortuary she is bound to be a little depressed. While she is reclusive and quite she is an ear to listen to, and does her best not to judge, seeing she’s been judged a lot. It is also surprisng that she managed to get along with her roommate, Greta.

Greta (Giggles) – quick with a joke and slow to anger, Greta is the roommate to Haiku, and her antithesis. She loves to joke around, and loves to make the kids in the apartment laugh and smile. She’s also responsible for a few pranks, here and there, but nothing Luan level, much to Lincoln’s relief. She is a general delight and is bound to lighten the mood in the room with her presence alone. 

  • Aside from the characters I’ve mentioned, you can bring in any loud character you want. Lincoln interacts and even has fun with these characters.
  • All characters must be aged up. none of that Shota or loli stuff. 
  • Size and measurements are up to the writer. Let your imagination, or fetish, take over.
  • no cuckolding, cheating, netorare, or anything involving bodily function.
  • NO LOUDCEST. that stuff got real old real fast
  • Enjoy yourself.


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while i probably won’t be taking this up (i have a lot on my plate) i think this is a fantastic idea. Completely behind it and hope it gets taken up.

If i might add some things and ask some questions.

  1. I recognise all these names except tracy. is she the girl from drama club or am i misunderstanding it?
  2. has luna broken up with/moved on from sam or did they never meet in this?
  3. when you say graduated, could they still be going to university? or at least some of them? it could be a good thing to bond over, as would helping each other with assignments.
  4. can we have a scene or running gag where lori gives dating advice on chooseing girls to lincon, or winning him over from the other girls to ronnie and it quickly becomes apparent that she is sharing bobby with Carol pingley and her ‘challenges’ are just dates with carol or excuses to make out/heavily flirt with her? she can either be doing it in secret, or is in denial of her feelings and situation.

i also found these, these could be useful:

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Guest Random Fan Again
  1. For Tracey look up Loud House Thicc  QT. She’s a background character that gained almost instant Lincoln shipping and porn star status.
  2. Well, that depends on the writer. The two could be broken up, or they could have never met. Heck, I’m one scenario Luna could have had a thing for the guy in her band instead of Sam.
  3. some could be going to university, while others could have graduated college. Assignments and helping could be a good way for Lincoln to score brownie points.
  4. yeah, there could even be a scene where Lori tells Lincoln the girls that they shouldn’t share their man, until Ronnie brings up the three way with Carol, followed by a “you weren’t that subtle”.

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