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Hello all. I have an interesting idea I’d like to throw out there for someone to write. I don’t see a lot of fusion in fandom. Getting to know someone by sharing their thoughts, mind, and body is the ultimate intimacy in my opinion. Just imagine: All the imperfections and flaws one would rather hide, being fully laid bare before their “partner(s),”; only the truest relationships can handle that kind of exposure. I find that degree of perfect understanding very attractive. Furthermore, the ones I have seen are almost always M/M and F/F: never M/F or F/M. Of course, this gets into futanari territory, and I'm fully aware that’s not everybody’s jam. That said, I’d like to see someone write fusion stories in that vein. Most fandoms will do. The only things I’d really ask for are a futanari body with both sets of genitals, a body taking physical traits from them both, and them having to adapt to sharing it as a pair. They should also share powers, abilities, skills, and talents, as well as experience one another's annoyances, triggers, and embarrassments in an equal capacity. They won't be able to fully control their shared powers at first, maybe even causing problems for others because of that. Also, they should start to lose their individuality later down the line, struggling to hold onto who they are as their memories continue to blur together. If worse comes to worst, they might never want to separate, or even be able to. If anybody is interested in picking this idea up, do let me know.

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