Time Traveler Harry - Slash Harem Challenge

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POINT 1: Harry is thrust backwards in time due to Privet Drive Wards interacting badly with the Dark Nature of Basilisk Venom in his veins -- post second year (Not thirteen yrs. old yet). The Venom also destroys his Horcrux (WTF – shouldn’t that have really happened?). While in the past, Harry grows up and marries three-ten Males (even number). He falls into a coma between 1979 and 1993. He awakens in the current timeline and reunites with his lovers. He NEVER reveals who he was previously. Although he still works to defeat Voldemort.

POINT 2: The Basilisk Venom physically rips him apart just as quickly as the Phoenix tears heal him. During the time travel the venom nearly kills him, attacking his bones and organs. St. Mungos are forced to reconstruct his physical appearance when he appears in 1974, (he is 2 yrs. younger than Severus and the Marauders). OPTIONAL: Please make him dainty and pretty 

POINT 3:  A blood test before being cured would be Corrupted by the Venom and tears in his blood. The cure for his ailment forces dormant genetics active after the venom is removed. His former genetic sequence is corroded by the venom-tears. So, his blood test names him – Peverell-Gryffindor (Pureblood James) and Black-Pennington (Muggle-Noble bloodline) (SQUIB-bloodline Lily). He receives a new given-name (NOT a variation of Harry). His closest living magical-relatives test done by St. Mungos reveal – (NOT in Order) Cassiopeia Black (Too Old), Arcturus Black (Uninterested in a Half-blood child), Tom Riddle Jr. (Unknown Location), and the Potters. He’s taken in by Dorea Black Potter and Charlus Potter who lives with Fleamont Potter, James Potter and Euphemia Potter, but Cassiopeia claims visitation rights (She finds Harry fascinating).    

POINT 4: The venom also causes his memories to become disorganized and it takes much time for him to resort them, but by the time he has developed a radically different personality and interests. He cannot connect himself with his former identity. He’s a Ravenclaw with other houses tendencies (Slytherin’s cunning and ruthlessness, Gryffindor’s justice-seeking and lack of self-preservation and Hufflepuff’s hard-work and loyalty). Think of him as a compassionate and quieter Sherlock Holmes – maybe Sherlock without being a sociopath, but he might be socially awkward.  Maybe he’s bullied by the Marauders until he strikes back and he is vicious when cornered. Maybe he is a brilliant magical researcher and writes controversial books under a pen name – Note: ask me for ideas on subjects of the books.  

POINT 5: Overpowered Harry with various abilities and possible creature inheritance (Nothing typical – like vampire, veela, Elf...etc. See options below), but he uses his intelligence and cunning foremost. Harry will be involved with the Order of Phoenix under his new identity. Harry will become a talented Wards Crafter, Spell Crafter and Curse Breaker, his official title is Adept (a higher rank than Master). He’s an apprentice in Potions mastery.

POINT 6: Slow Story and Slow Burn Romance.  Harry must only play Catcher to lovers’ Pitcher role, although he can top from the bottom (Riding) – so NO Submissive ONLY Harry.  OPTIONS: Graphic sexual materials are optional --- If included I would like to see: Double Penetration (ONE HOLE – Vaginal or Anal only), Graphic MPREG (BIG FAN), Incest (With Draco – Narcissa or Lucius),  Pregnant Incest (Abortion is NOT happening), Male-Male sex, Male-Female sex, Female-Female sex, (Heterosexual Slutty Teen Pregnancy)-Ginny (NOT with HP), Possible Animagus or Werewolf Bestiality/HP, “Luna wants her own Magical Creature, so she – Giant Squid/Luna (Eggs Pregnancy/Tentacle Sex – LOL)”,  Hot Sexual Language (NO Name Calling – Ex: my slut), Cum Stuffing, Belly Bulge (with Cum/Enema) to Look Pregnant (TOYS too), Bondage possible, Wet Dreams, Masturbation, Breeding Kink, Knotting, Object Insert, Sounding rod, Nipple play, mirror sex and Harems. – Please Do NOT include any other Kinks or Warnings (which are NOT Listed ABOVE) 

POINT 7 (OPTIONAL): Manipulative evil-Dumbledore replaces Harry with a look-alike-Golem-Plant he grew in the Greenhouse over the summer (Summer ‘94). It is a sentient plant that will want to breed to continues its species. Maybe with Ginny (laying egg-sized seeds?) and other females. So, “Harry Potter” will be known as “The Man Whore of Hogwarts?”

RECOMMENDATION: Break the Story into TWO POSTS, one during the Marauder’s Period and the other starting 1993. Your reader can choose to read both or one.

HP PAIRING OPTIONS: OLDER Males/HP (NOT – Dumbledore, Moody, Hagrid, Arthur, Percy, or Flitwick) (Marauder’s ages and Older), Original Male Characters, and/or Bill W., Charlie W., Oliver W., Cedric D., or Neville (As Submissive – Pitcher).      

HP CREATURE OPTIONS:  Incubus (European/Sumerian Sexual Demon), Yuki-Ōnna (Japanese Snow Spirit-Yōkai), Nurarihyon (Japanese Yōkai of Illusions), Ryūtō (Japanese Dragon-Light Yōkai), Dökkálfar (Dark Elf), Sylph (European Wind Spirit), Nocnitsa (Slavic Night Maiden), Skogsrå (Swedish Seductive Forest Spirit), Nix (Germanic Shape Shifting Water Spirit),  Blud (Russian Evil-Faerie), Jinn (Arabic Fire Spirit – My interpretation), Cherufe (Chilean Volcanic Man-Eating Mythical Creature), Aurai (Greek Wind Spirit), Baku (Japanese Spirit who Devours Nightmares/Dreams), Satori (Japanese Mind-Reading Yōkai), Kobold (Shape Shifting Germanic Sprite), Baba Yaga (Slavic Wise Witch), Knocker (Mischievous Welsh Sprite) or Combinations (Feel Free to Make your own takes on these creatures)

See: www.yokai.com (For More InFormation on Yōkai

Want to chat? You can email me: bryona.e.hart@gmail.com

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