Behold Death: The Eldritch Magus (Harry Potter AU)

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Author: Unwritten.Chaos (aka k505)
Title: Behold Death: The Eldritch Magus, Book One of the Atlas to Your Heart Series
Summary:  Hadrian Potter dies in falling through the Veil of Death in place of his Godfather. However, he finds himself reborn as Cassius Black in an alternative universe. Not all families are loving, or tolerant of differences, so when he and his biological father, Regulus, have a disagreement when he is six years old, Cassius is sent away to live with distant relatives in Japan. He soon finds himself disinherited and alone. This story isn’t about revenge-filled deceits and deaths, but rather about the sweetest kind of revenge – that of making himself into a man to be admired. A man greater than his family and their titles. Now, during his return to Britain, Cassius, who took the name Kuro Touma, will find a new purpose and a strength that none can match. Enter the Raven Magus!
Feedback: Constructive Criticism and Praise – Welcomed
Fandom: Harry Potter > AU > Slash
Pairing: Undecided Male(s)/Harry, Additional Homosexual and Heterosexual Pairings/Sexual Content (NOT Main Pairing)
Warnings: 3Plus Anal Beast Bi Dom DP Ds Fingering HC Herm HJ Inc MF Minor2 MM MPreg Preg Rim Solo Tent Tort Toys Violence WD WIP
Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered Story, Part of Longer Series
URL: http://hp.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600099774

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