Behold Death: The Eldritch Magus - Reviews and Notes

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Behold Death: The Eldritch Magus

Book One of the Atlas to Your Heart Series

Explicit Adult Content – Read at your Own discretion

Created, Written and Illustrated by k505/Unwritten.Chaos 

(PLEASE keep AFF Identity Separate from A03 ID)

Additional Illustrations by No One Yet – Open to Artists

Edited by No One Currently

(FULL) Disclaimer: I do not own JK Rowling’s Magical World (The Harry Potter Series (books 1-7/Films 1-8), Quidditch throughout the Ages (book), The Tales of Beetle the Bard (book), the Cursed Child (script), Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them (film)). It belongs to its creator and various publishers. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. This fictional story is the product of my imagination and shared for entertainment purposes, but not for profit purposes.

Summary: Hadrian Potter dies in falling through the Veil of Death in place of his Godfather. However, he finds himself reborn as Cassius Black in an alternative universe. Not all families are loving, or tolerant of differences, so when he and his biological father, Regulus, have a disagreement when he is six years old, Cassius is sent away to live with distant relatives in Japan. He soon finds himself disinherited and alone. This story isn’t about revenge-filled deceits and deaths, but rather about the sweetest kind of revenge – that of making himself into a man to be admired. A man greater than his family and their titles. Now, during his return to Britain, Cassius, who took the name Kuro Touma, will find a new purpose and a strength that none can match. Enter the Raven Magus!  

Inspirations: “Nevereverland” by Nano (Song), the Whimsical Art from both “The Ancient Magus’s Bride” and “Spirited Away”, my favorite website (www.yokai.com), multiple classic fairytales, folktales, urban legends and mythology 

Future Main Pairing(s): Undecided Male(s)/Cassius Black (HP) – Suggestions Welcomed

Future Side Pairing(s): James Potter/Lily Evans, Severus Snape/Lucius Malfoy, Caelum Urquhart/Molly Prewet, Original Male Character(s)/Arthur Weasley, Original Male Character/Petunia Evans, Vernon Dursley/Original Female Character(s), Viktor Krum/Theodore Nott/Hermione, Ronald/Lavender Brown, Neville Longbottom/Ginny, Charlie Weasley/Harrison Potter, Rolf Scamander/Luna Lovegood, Regulus Black/Original Male Character(s), Abraxas Malfoy/Orion Black – More Later

IMPORTANT Author’s Notes: I have done extensive research on Japanese culture, but I am not an expert or educated on it beyond what I have researched online. If I use any of these terms wrong, please feel free to tell me. I am always willing and eager to learn more foreign cultures. Additionally, I changed the timeline significantly and ages – for example I made Regulus Black (b. 1956), the older brother of Sirius Black (b. 1959). This story has significant differences and new concepts (created by author – please ask for permission to use) for the magical world, so I must stress that this does not follow Canon events. There are many new characters and plotlines – hopefully what I have written, is written in a clear and concise manner. Please tell me if you want particularly backstories included or expanded on? Much of my story will allude to certain events and reveal them slowly. So, I may not include your request immediately. Hope you enjoy! – k505

Yōkai Information: www (dot) yokai (dot) com

Definition: Hyakki Yagyō – In traditional Japanese folklore, it is the Hundred Demon Night Parade usually led by one of three beings. For more information use the Yōkai website (above) and search it.

Interesting Fact: It is rude to have the soles of your feet (the bottom of your feet) facing another individual, in Japan. The Seiza position prevents this. However, when sitting more comfortably, you may turn your feet away from the individual by sitting on your side. Can anyone tell me if you can sit with your legs in lotus position? Is sitting in lotus position rude in Japan?

Seiza: the traditional Japanese sitting position, kneeling on the ground with the buttock on your feet

Shitsureishimasu is used when entering or exiting a room, especially with a door in Japan. It directly translates as “I will do something rude.” In entering a room this term is used as an equivalent to the USA “Sorry, for interrupting.” In exiting the USA equivalent is “Please excuse me.” It is an often-used term in Japanese society. 

Japanese Honorifics:

-kun – a term used with a male, when the speaking individual is familiar with them

-chan – a term used with a female, when the speaking individual is familiar with them

-san – a term for Mr., Ms. Or Mrs.

-sama – usually used in reference to someone of higher authority or education

-dono – a term used for a feudal Lord or Lady

-Senpai – in the Japanese School system, a junior refers to a senior student as Senpai

-Kōhai – in the Japanese School or in the Martial Arts system, a senior student refers to a younger student as Kōhai


Family Names:

Okasan – Mother

Ōtosan – Father

Obasan – Aunt

Ōjisan – Uncle

Ōjiisan - Grandfather

Obaasan – Grandmother

Onesan – Older Sister

Aneki – Informal Older Sister, Also Slang used by Street Gangs

Imōto – Younger Sister

Oniisan – Older Brother

Anaki – Informal Older Brother, Also Slang used by Street Gangs

Otōto – Younger Brother

Itoko – Cousin


Architecture and Furniture:

Shoji: Sliding panels made of delicate paper in a wood frame

Engawa: a hallway which separates the storm shutters and the delicate shoji

Amado: retracting storm shutters, which can surround the Engawa or the interior wall, and protect the house

Genkan: an entrance way used to remove shoes, think of this as a foyer

Zabuton: a thin pillow which individuals sit on atop of tatami

Chabudai: Short rectangular tables used when sitting on the floor on either thin pillows or tatami

Fusuma: Sliding panels which act as versatile walls and doorways inside the home

Irori: a traditional Japanese sunken hearth used to both and cook and heat a room

Tatami: A mat-floors which were traditionally made of rice straw, they are soft and smell good  

Futon: A bed which has no frame or base and is on the floor (usually atop a tatami)

Tōrō: Shrine lamps made of stone, metal or wood

Zaisu: Floor chair or a chair without legs     

If I were Gollum (Hobbit/Lord of the Rings), this story would be “My Precious” – So Flames are not accepted – Praise and Constructive Criticism happily accepted!

Edited by k505
Missing Words and Spelling

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Important Author’s Note: I have decided to breakdown this story into a number of different parts. One part focuses on Touma/Cassius’s story, which will feature politics, mystery and romance. One will focus on Neville Longbottom, The-Boy-Who-Lived, and his journey in Hogwarts. The final one will focus on Harrison Potter and his time in a different school. Please tell me if you’d like to see additional elements created into additional parts – like a story focused on the Marauders or Founders of Hogwarts? They will all be part of the “The Atlas to Your Heart Series.” The first chapter of the other two parts (Neville’s story and Harrison’s story) will be posted within a few weeks, only on Archive of Our Own due to organizational reasons. 5.19.2018 ~ k505

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