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Okay bear with me, I wasn’t sure on where to post this but I've thought about it for the past 48 hours and decided that this was the most appropriate sub-forum. Being at it it’s core, (despite it’s scale) is a collaborative effort.


Ouch 100+ views and only 1 private message. I guess those odds aren’t so bad tho ●﹏●;


[ ! ] tl;dr version starts and is marked by the giant pink teddy bear [ ! ]

I’ll be editing this here and there but don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions.



I am an artist currently looking for a few writers to work along side.  In which I'll be contributing an assortment of original artwork for book covers, character designs, and in-book illustrations, all for free.

If you're a lone wolf or prefer to keep your anonymity, that's fine. I'll likely be working with everyone on a one on one basis. No one has to know anything you don't want them to. I am willing to work with you as much or as little as you'd like me to, in business, creative decisions, and so forth. This means that your story can be all your own (save my illustrations of course). Or if you prefer a creative co-pilot, I'm here and willing to bounce off ideas with you as well. 

With the mention of business -note- I'm not really in this for any kind of profit. However if this is something of a motivation for you we could, with no problem, make it a priority. And would likely be more capable of making some money with our combined effort than we might on our own anyway.

That said, and I think a lot of people here already share the same feeling, this is more of a passion and a hobby. I'm merely offering my talents for free because I enjoy working with others and think it would be a fun exercise to create varying works for different kinds of stories. Yatta yatta yatta ~


A trend for co-ops like these is to run a tight ship by putting someone in charge of deadlines, assigning "Directors of Creativity" and other management possessions to keep people on track and have someone crack the whip. I honestly don't care for it. You write when you write, however much you write. On your own time. You're in charge of you. I'll cheerlead for free (it'll be my pleasure), but  I'm not gonna guilt trip you because life got in the way or you ran into some writers block. There will be basic requirements for a finished project so we're not producing complete slop, sure. And I'll beta-read everything you send. But the nature of things as they're developed will be relaxed. No pressure.

With most that out of the way (and feel free to message me if you have any questions. Contact info is below), you're probably wondering what I'm looking for.


Not much. Or at least nothing specific anyway. Of course we can't really publish (if you're interested) anything that's fan fiction because the obvious legal reasons. So to my own personal liking I'd prefer stories be original content. If you're a die hard fan for a certain franchise, maybe consider creating your own "-verse" inspired by that particular anime, comic, movie or game you like. While I'm new around here and things may be different, I usually find that people have an itch for creating their own stories and universes anyway. But just in case you've only wrote fan fiction and still might be interested, there's an idea. Note: I can draw in a VARIETY of styles. So if what you see below doesn't suit you, ask me if a certain look is possible for your book. I don't want to say I can "imitate anything"....but, I can imitate anything. It happens to be a skill I have and am -maybe- a little more proud of it than I should be...BUT! I'm not into plagiarism so don't expect me to rip-off anothers artist style 100% (maybe...90%). I also have fellow artists/friends who could lend their talents if they’re ever interested in a certain project or I think your story might fit their style more/be to their liking.


So original works are preferred. On top of that, for whatever reason I am a little more interested in serials. I'm not sure why, but I am. So if you'e looking to start an adventure series or what have you, that's a definite plus. Not a must, ...but a plus. So don't let that scare you away from one-shots if that's more your thing.


A third priority (and I use that term losely) is I'd prefer stories that would be catagorized in Teen or Young-Adult Fiction than Erotica. I enjoy Erotica (are genres capitalized?) and plan on "publishing" erotica, but as far as those slight-preferences of mine go, that's another. As far as I'm concerned, you can write as suggestively as you like in said T/YA novels. Include nudity, profanity, sexual innuendos, or feel free to sprinkle in a sex scene or two at your own delight. Obviously if the number of those become overwhelming we're working with something more in the shape of Erotica, but don't feel like you’re handcuffed to a Bible just because you're writing for T/YA. 

Seriously don't feel limited by anything. If you want to write something you think is too taboo or even "un-pub-wish-ible", talk with me about it and we'll try to make it happen. We'll do it one way or another (and I already have several ideas on how-to). This isn't about other peoples rules or fitting the norm. And I like pushing the envelope. Not to be cool...but mostly because the envelope is usually dumb.


And again, full blown Erotica is perfectly fine. I'm not etching rules in stone. It's just what I'd rather colloborate on. Suggestions at the most. Original works, series/trilogies, catagories T/YA~ 


Genres can be of a wide selection. I like a wide variety of different genres so anything you'd probably want to write I'll probably be fine with. You're not trying to earn my approval at all, but if I like what you have in mind for a story the more willing and excited I'll be to work on it. And I have hundreds of story ideas as well in case you'd ever need. Though I'm sure most everyone will have enough of their own that they'll be fine. But if by any chance that happens, I've got ya covered  ~ ♫


Action/Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, History, Mystery, Romance, Sci-fi, Sport, Thriller, War, Western, etc. It's all good. 


I've a fondness for stories featuring young protagonists (boy or girl). Whether they're slice-of-life Comedies and Dramas, or adventures in Fantasy and Science Fiction, etc. So that alone will get you a huge + if you'd want to work together. Don't try and bend your ideas or interests though (too much anyway), if you're just trying to make me happy. If you have an idea that features older characters or anything else that is against the grian of what I've mentioned, try and run it by me still and I'll let you know what I think of the idea.


There are more particulars when it comes to the flavor of stories I'd enjoy working with, but we can discuss those one on one if you want. But for now, this is....getting kinda long.


It's time for the tl;dr edition!


ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ <( tl;dr )

I'm an artist who is looking for fellow writers to collobrate with. I will do this for free.

I can draw in a multitude of styles. Not just slight variations of my own style, but many different kinds of styles, all their own. Anything inbetween the broad spectrum of Western and Eastern influence. Realistic, detailed, toon like, or anime. I automatically/naturally draw in my own style you see in the example.

Art may include any combination of cover art, character illustrations, and intermittent in-book artwork. (See the About Me in my AFF forum profile for a sampling of my own art style. Examples of other styles will be shared upon request.) I have artist friends who might also lend their talents depending if they’re interested or their style might better fit your story.


I will work with you one on one, but I hope to work with a handful of others.  You may stay completely anonymous/or create an alternative pen name.

You can work with me as much or as little as possible in the creative processes of your story. With my most minimal participation being providor of art and/or beta reader.


I'm doing this out of passion/a new hobby. Not profit. If you're interested in profit, that is fine. A little money on the side is never a bad thing. But I’m more here for sport than the prize.


I prefer projects with young protags, series or trilogies, and to be rated Teen/Young-Adult.


Pure Erotica is koo by me. 


Don't censor yourself for "publishings sake". We got dis. You do you, uncut. There's more out there than just Kindle. 


Don't be shy. I'm super friendly and approachable. If after our conversation we decide not to work together, nothing is lost. It was worth the try. If you have any questions, are interested, or know someone who may be, please contact me anyway below:


Skype: shota-bo

Discord: shota-bo #3082


or send me a private message here!


I am super fucked up too. Your kinks do not scare me. Seriously I’ve drawn or role-played it all (okay...maybe not all, but I have a respect and tolerance for every kink under the sun. So try me). Below is a check list of thee AFF tags, categorized by opacity instead of the typical favs, yes's and no's. The theme is basically the same. Solids are on the + side of the spectrum and as they become more transparent lean toward the – side of the spectrum. Note: I don't have to like what you like to work with you and rushed through this list very quickly. Anything and everything is fair game. This is just so you know what I like if it helps you to decide you want to work together (and at what capacity).

  • 3Plus, Ageplay, Anal, Anthro, Beast, Bi, DP, Exhib, FF, Hum, Inc, loli, MF, MM, Minor1, Minor2, Preg, Shouta, Voy
  • Abuse, Angst, BDSM, Bigotry, B-Mod, Bond, CR, Fingering, HJ, Humil, MC, NoSex, OC,Oral, Rape, Rim, SH, Solo, Tent, TF, Toys, UST, Violence, WAFF, WD, Xeno
  • ABDL, BP, CBT, Contro, Ds, Dom, Fist, FD, GB, HC, Herm, MBP, Ms, MCD, MiCD, MPreg, Nec, Oneshot, Parody, Peg, PWP, Racist, SandM, SI, Slave, Spank, TBDL, Tort, Toys, Trans, WS
  • Scat


So...that’s it I guess. Sure it’s not EVERYTHING that’s to be said. But it’s a lot for sure. And should give you a pretty good idea (I hope) on what exactly to expect, or at least what I’m expecting lol. Anyways...umm, yup. That’s it. ^ᴥ^;  Thanks for reading! 

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4 hours ago, Shota-bo said:


  • 3Plus, Ageplay, Anal, Anthro, Beast, Bi, DP, Exhib, FF, Hum, Inc, loli, MF, MM, Minor1, Minor2, Preg, Shouta, Voy
  • Abuse, Angst, BDSM, Bigotry, B-Mod, Bond, CR, Fingering, HJ, Humil, MC, NoSex, OC,Oral, Rape, Rim, SH, Solo, Tent, TF, Toys, UST, Violence, WAFF, WD, Xeno
  • ABDL, BP, CBT, Contro, Ds, Dom, Fist, FD, GB, HC, Herm, MBP, Ms, MCD, MiCD, MPreg, Nec, Oneshot, Parody, Peg, PWP, Racist, SandM, SI, Slave, Spank, TBDL, Tort, Toys, Trans, WS
  • Scat



Story Tag Bingo!   :P

Volunteering to beta my halloween story?  … yes?  :yahoo:

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On 10/11/2017 at 6:28 PM, Desiderius Price said:

Volunteering to beta my halloween story?  … yes?  :yahoo:

I will for you just this once. Since you’ve been so welcoming…BUT for anyone else reading this, all the stuff above is a bit of a package deal. This isn’t an offer to beta read stories I won’t be working or drawing for. Just so everyone knows ^‿^; 

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