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Harry Potter the Eroge gamer

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Guest draynuy

For this challenge Hogwarts must begin at thirteen.

During the Christmas of his first year, to distract his mind from the Mirror of erised, Harry wanders in Hogwarts’ Library in search of one or several books, when suddenly a glow, from the most secluded part of the Library, attracts his attention. Harry discovers a book that seem intemporel and not in his place at Hogwarts. Curious the boy who lived takes and opens the book, only to be engulfed into a flash of light and for the book to be absorbed by him. After a little time to recover his senses, Harry quickly discovers that his life is now a game, but not any game, his life is now an Eroge that give him the goal to befriend, seduce and conquer as many witch as he wish.


Other detail:

No instant conquest of all witches than Harry sees, he must work to gain the affection of his girls of choices and pass the stages of their relation, the game give him just a little help and speed up a bit the process.

Physical, mental and magical progresses must be worked naturally, the game transform any action into skills but cannot give him a instant skill but a bonus into a skill as reward for an objective is possible.

In reason of the game some actions and decisions of Harry change (by exemple: he choose another solution for Norbert and thus don’t lose any house 's point over it; or he manage to be present for the last game of the year which results to a early cup for griffondor) and thus little by little the plot must change.

If he can gain affection from older witches, none of his lovers can be more aged than Tonks who is the older person with who Harry has sex.

His final Harem, not including the casual lovers and other sex friends, must be composed of : Katie Bell, Ginny Weasley, Hermionne Granger, Rose Weasley (As ginny’s twin or as alternate niece from an aborded reality), OC Dursley (magical little cousin), Daphnee Greengrass; Tracey David, Susan Bones, Luna Lovegood, Grabrielle Delacour ( who is the same age than the cousin), Fleur Delacour and Nymphadora Tonks. When Harry bonds with his last witch at the end of Fifth year a magical effect destroy the horcrux in his scar.



It is all I can think for now, have fun.

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