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The Weasley twins do an emperor's new clothes prank on the school

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Guest Gin

In second year when the twins rescue harry while getting harry trunk as they pass threw harry room they notice  the book of the The Emperor's New Clothes with the cover catching there attention and they ask harry if they can have it harry wanting to be free from the Dursleys as quickly as possible does not even look as the book the are asking about and just says to hurry up. Over harry second year the twins would  develop or find a potion that has the same effect.
 The only down side to there potion is that when it wears off the person that was under its effects remembers exactly what happened while under the potions effects.which for the twins when they tested it on each other in the privacy of there room was not a problem. But for the twins victims who spent  day/s parading around in front of the school it was traumatising.
the twins decide to give the potion to the all  the female student apart from the ones that they class as unattractive and amought they staff they only gave the potion to  the younger female teachers after all they want to have fun not traumatise the school and more importantly each other by haveing the memory of Mcgonagall wandering around naked.
while under the potion the girls know that they are wandering around naked but don't see anything wrong with it.They girls are still self-conscious so when they notice that some of the girls have well trimmed or no public hair it spreads quickly there the girls so by the time the potion wears off all the girls have removed there public hair with a permanent hair removal spell that girls normally use to remove the hair from there legs once. By the end of the week they have no body hair bellow the neck. clear skin all over there body pierced nipples and clit.
prefect have also been wearing there prefects badge by piercing their nipples and putting the badge threw the piercing
harry being harry naturally gets caught up in the twins prank and the girls put him there the same spells.
when the potion wears off during dinner a week later harry goes into shock just like all the girls that were caught up in the prank. when the potion wears off all male staff and student are quickly told to leave the great hall by the older female staff that were not caught by the prank.One of the girls at the Gryffindor table has the sense to grab harry and stop him from leaving with the rest of the boys
the potion makes it so that the people under it and every one around them don't notice anything wrong with the people wandering around naked and when it wears off only the people that were under the potion would notice anything wrong with themselves or each other walking around naked.
but that doesn't change the fact that it the potions effect ended in the middle of the greats hall as the boys all still remember seeing the girls naked 

there in three potions that the twins find 
1)the potion that makes it so that you dont notice anything wrong with being naked and the people around you dont notice with only the people that wear under the potion noticeing whne the potion wears off.( the potion that the twins use in the story)
and the two potion that the prank potion that the twins found were based off
2) A permeantet potion that makes it so that a person that drank it can't even think about wears cloths with the person under the potionand everyone around them being fully aware of this this potion being a potion that dark familys used to give there bed slaves.this potion allowing this like piercings and bondage gear.
3)A potion that makes it so that every one around the person dosent notice anything wrong with them walking around naked. this potion being the closest thing that was ever created to an antadote to the second potion. With it being inproved over the years by a magical nudest/exabitionest

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