Seeking Co-Writing Group or Innovative Betas?

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Focus Fandoms (Other can be Included as Crossovers): Harry Potter, Naruto, Bleach, D. Gray-Man, Final Fantasy Series, Teen Wolf, Hikaru no Go  – you may suggest others 

Okay, if you had to compare this to something; think of the Japanese women’s Manga Writers Group, Clamp. However, this group is a larger co-ed community and encourages a broad range of different stories, but follows a few rules and meets certain expectations. 

Hello, I had been writing fan fiction under various pen names since 2006 – yikes, eleven years! Over the years I have improved my writing. One day I hope to publish my own books. I find fan fiction a relaxing and creative outlet, which I do for myself. It’s my secret hobby, a passion, and release from the stress of my life.  I have a lot of time on my hands currently. I lack certain skills and I need help. There are several categories I am looking for assistance in. I know some of this will sound pretty silly, but I take fan fiction seriously. If you share my passion for fan fiction, please contact me – even if it is only to chat.  ~ k505 (bryona.e.hart@gmail.com )

Basic Requirements (of all positions): Of Legal Age (18+), enjoys or tolerates reading and editing both graphic Slash and/or graphic Het Sex Scenes and can tolerate certain plot devices and Kinks, can communicate in English, is knowledgeable and willing to edit grammar, spelling, and punctuation and is innovative and constantly brings new ideas, (plot devices, new pairings, sex toys ideas...etc.) to the table. I recommend getting a Gmail account so we communicate and use google docs.     

Creative Director and Creative Director Assistants – The Creative Director (and assistants) will establish and manage a schedule for writing, online meetings, and updates. He or She will be the primary beta and will assign editing to the other volunteering betas. He or She will also seek out additional supports like individuals who can illustrate our stories and translate them accurately into different languages. He or She will keep us all informed of events and decisions. 

Cartographer and Cartographer Assistants – The Cartographer’s role is to assist in developing full chaptered  OUTLINES for writers’ stories. I will personally assist them in learning my specific and usually successful formats for outlines. The Cartographer must then pass of the assignment to his or her assistants to work one-on-one with the writer. The Assistant will then poke holes at their assigned writer’s stories, research necessary materials for the story and compile research online (google docs), cover plot holes and work hand-in-hand with our Creative Director Assistants (Beta/Editors) to meet deadlines and to set goals as a team.

Writers – these individuals will write the stories based on the outline with the collaborative effort of their teammates.They must meet agreed on deadlines 75% of the time. They can choose to focus on a type a pairing (Het, Slash-Yaoi, Yuri, Gen...etc.) if they want or a genre. 

Illustrators – Illustrates will illustrate the adult version of stories which will be posted online. There needs to be one picture minimum per every 5k words in a story in addition to a cover image. I doubt there will be many volunteers, but I will cry happily if someone volunteers!  

Translators – Translators will translate our stories into other languages.

Contact me for the list of “approved Warnings” and “excluded Warnings”. I am playing with the idea of opening one account on fanfiction.net and archive of our own, which will host all our stories under one pen name. We would all have the password. Any bullying, defamation, slander or sabotage would result in being removed from our community.  - Even if you can't use this community for your writing, but like the idea, please post a link to this on other sites. Send me ideas or recommend this group to your friends! Thanks!

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