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InuYasha - Love On Smack

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Hi!  I’ve just posted a new InuYasha story, “Love On Smack,” named for a song by English band Witchfinder General.  It’s a super smutty, romantic InuYasha/Kagura fic that’s about 11,000 words long.  Probably 3/4ths  or more of it is highly explicit sex.


Author: Dunkelgelb (Charging Handles Forward)
Title: Love On Smack
Summary: Springtime breeding season has arrived in Edo once again and this time, the reproductive heat of it has Kagura in its grip.  She seeks out InuYasha for “relief” and it only takes the preparation of a love den and a little Tetsuseiga-related coercion to get him to provide it.  PWP.
Feedback: Please read and review at your leisure.
Fandom: InuYasha
Pairing: InuYasha/Kagura
Warnings: Angst, Oral, HC, HJ, M/F, Preg, TF 
Solo story or chaptered story: Single chapter/oneshot.

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