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Uchiha Clan Rebirth

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Sasuke decides at a young age (the Academy?) that he needs to rebuild his clan first, so that if he dies while fighting Itachi, the Uchiha line doesn’t die with him. To do this, he needs- obviously- a partner, but none of the girls in the Academy interest him because they’re all fangirls/weak. He considers Naruko Uzumaki because she at least tries to be a kunoichi- even if she is the deadlast- but still isn’t sure he should go through with it. Then he finds some of his mother’s diary entries/father’s clan writings that talk about how Kushina Uzumaki is a jinchuuriki and how the Uzumaki have a bloodline that grants them strong vitality. Realizing that Naruko is Kushina’s daughter and that her bloodline could be very useful for the Uchiha (if her healing extends to regeneration, they might not even have to worry about losing their eyes), Sasuke decides to seduce her.

He could do this multiple ways. Naruko would be lonely and desperate for friends, so he could try that angle but also want to keep it quiet to prevent anyone else from stepping in and seeing him use her for his own needs. So he might say that the village would never approve and they would have to be friends in secret, which would give him more time to mold her into the perfect wife/broodmare for the Uchiha Clan.

Another way would be based on the idea that Naruko is sexually naive and Sasuke takes advantage of this through groping her in hugs, molesting during taijutsu practice, and even offering to let her move in with him (as friends) and share a bed or whatever. Slowly that would move to the point where Naruko wouldn’t feel at all weird being naked around him or having him grope her in private places. 

Yet another way is straight up mind control with his Sharingan, but you might want to wait until the Wave Arc for that. I would suggest a mix of all three strategies, starting off with secret friendships and occasional wandering hands and escalating to using his Sharingan to ease her around to the idea of becoming a mother in a few years- like 15-16. By the time the Chuunin Exams start, Naruko should be totally emotionally dependent on Sasuke.

You could even have one of the village higher-ups finding out, but approving of his manipulations because it would 1) keep the Kyuubi under better control with a Sharingan user nearby and 2) result in powerful children from the Yondaime’s daughter and the last Uchiha. And at some point, it would be cool if Sasuke learned about the jinchuuriki/Yondaime background.

Potentially you can have laws in the village that put all family resources under the husband’s control, so Sasuke could have access to the Yondaime’s writings/jutsu/wealth too. Naruko would have to be stronger than canon though, since Sasuke wouldn’t stand for a weak/stupid wife.

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