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-first in my idea Kurama is the last Demons race,Hagoromo take his power and turn it to 8 Bijju,and Kurama was sealed in the Uzumaki Clan members from Hagoromo time.
-Alive Uchiha clan

Minato seals the Yin and Yang kyuubi in his wife and daughter.
Before his death Minato thinks that he win ,but no, the kyuubi will have his revenge from Minato,the Uzumaki Clan,Hagoromo
He will regain his power and control the humans world
with his powers he will do something he never try it before
 He will turn Minato's wife and daughter to Succubus that live only at cocks and cum,as a male demon that turns them Kurama can make Kushina and Naruko do anythings for him,like help him in his goals.
As a Succubus,Kushina and Naruko can't live like humans,they need sex and cum to servive,but with sex they also become stronger,they can gains bloodlines and powers from the cum of the men they sleep with.

-After Minato's death
to make Kushina stronger,Kurama make her work in brothel،go to seduction missions,sleep with enemies,sleep with clan heads...
When Naruko older she will joins her.

-Kushina's Ginin Team

Kurama x Kushina x Naruko

Kushina x Naruko x Harem:
Some ideas for the lemon

Kushina must be dominated by Fugaku in sex,he hate Minato so will make his wife as his slut,Mikoto will joins them in threesome,when Naruko older she will joins them.

The Raikage:
He will come to Konoha to sign a peace treaty,and Kushina will be his till he return to Kumo,he will visit Konoha in the Chunin Exam,these time he will have two Uzumaki.

After his student death life becomes better.

With the help of Kushina he will give Naruko "Special training"

Hiashi:after his wife death he need someone in his bed in her place.

Zabuza and Haku:
Kushina want to teach Naruko how to seduces an enemy and then kill him.(foursome)
....you can add any one you want.

For women:
you can make them have sex with Kushina and Naruko,or make a male joins them.
Kurenai,Threesome with Asuma and Kushina(Naruko)
Anko:Gangbang by random villagers or shinobi and make Naruko and Naruko joins them.
Tsunade,drink night with Kushina and some male.
Tsume,Hana,Kushina,Naruko x Inuzuka Clan members.

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